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Water Heater Replacement, Plumber, Emergency Plumber, Repipe Specialists, Sewer Repair, Sewer Clean Out, Trenchless Sewer Repair, Install Garbage Disposal, Boiler Replacement, Water Heater Repair, Tankless Water Heater, Gas Line Repair, Gas Line Installation, Hydrojetting, Water Leak Detection, Outdoor Water Leak, Water Filtration System, Commercial Plumbing and more.

When you need plumbing expertise in Tacoma or elsewhere in Pierce or King County, call Pristine Plumbing, a local company with more than a decade of experience in all areas of plumbing. Whether you have a slow shower drain or a sink clog, a pipe leak, a broken plumbing fixture, or need a new water heater, Pristine Plumbing in Tacoma can quickly and professionally manage both your routine or emergency plumbing needs. A licensed and locally owned family business, Pristine Plumbing is ready to serve all your needs at a price you can afford. When plumbing concerns arise, time is of the essence, and it is best to have your plumber of choice in mind ahead of time.

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When you’re maintaining a home, it’s always imperative that you have a list of emergency services available within your reach to help you out when the need arises. As your home stands the test of time, it is unavoidable to have minor repairs and replacements here and there. One of the things that you always have to consider is having a good plumber within reach to make sure someone takes care of your pipe lines, minimizing the chances of having a water-filled home.

There can be times when your kitchen sink suddenly leaks, or when your shower drain suddenly clogs and backs up. It can be a minor inconvenience at first, but the longer you keep it unchecked might do you more harm than good. Band aid solutions to plumbing problems can only get you so far, and if done incorrectly, may cost you more than it should.

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Plumbing issues can be very stressful for Tacoma homeowners and business owners alike. Having a plumber you can trust and count on is an important strategy in keeping things flowing smoothly at your home or place of business. The time to be searching the web or asking friends for a Tacoma plumber recommendation is not when you have a leaking pipe or a malfunctioning water heater. Plan ahead and read some of the details on our website. Save our phone number to your contacts so you won’t be caught unprepared. As plumbing issues in your home and business can cost you both time and money, we assure you that not only will we work quickly and effectively to resolve your issues, but we will work to always give you a fair price.

For any issues concerning any pipelines or drains at home, call on a licensed plumber who has years of experience and the right tools to address the issue. Some problems can be deceiving on the surface, looking like a simple water leak or clog. Having a professional plumber assess the situation will give you an assurance that all bases are being covered and that you’re getting the best solution to your problem.

Consider hiring a plumber that knows how to fix a number of problems at home such as:

  • natural gas leak
  • broken water heater
  • sump pump replacement
  • water filtration problems
  • sewer cleanout

Having a good plumbing service within your reach is an investment itself, and will help keep your home in tip top shape for years to come.

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All of our plumbing repairs and installations are completed by licensed and experienced professionals. We take our duties seriously and will win your trust and confidence with our professional work. Do not trust your Tacoma plumbing issues to someone without expertise and proper training. An incomplete repair can result in more problems in the future and possibly more water damage. Because we understand the additional stress of financial concerns with plumbing repair, we will always give you a price upfront after assessing the needed repair.

In addition to plumbing concerns, we also address gas line installation and leak detection in Tacoma and elsewhere. Because gas leaks are potentially dangerous, professional service is the only answer. We can quickly assess your gas line leaks or even install a new gas line where you need one. Do not face your next plumbing emergency without the help of Pristine Plumbing.

When looking for your go-to plumbing company, you must find one who:

  • is available as an emergency plumbing service
  • can assess the situation and give efficient solutions
  • has knowledge of all the plumbing-related tools
  • will install top-of-the-line components to your home
  • cares about your home just as much as you do

Luckily, Pristine Plumbing exists in Tacoma as your handy plumbing service provider. As a leading team of professionals in the Pierce County area, we are committed to helping you solve your unexpected problems with your kitchen drains, clogged toilets, water heaters, and more.

Leave all your worries behind and call us anytime you need a plumber to help you address the issue right away. 

We provide the following services in Tacoma, and the rest of Pierce & King County: