If you have never had a plumbing emergency, odds are you will at least once in your life. While you cannot prepare for every contingency, one proactive thing you can do is have a plumber of choice already in your phone contacts and in the phones of your immediate household so you can make a quick call when needed instead of googling for “emergency plumber” and reading reviews of local plumbers in Tacoma. Pristine Plumbing can be reached for emergency services at all hours, including weekends, night, and holidays.

Emergency Plumber Tacoma

When you need us, we will be there. No one enjoys a plumbing emergency, but there are a few rules of thumb to follow if this happens. If you have an overflow or broken faucet, often you can turn off the water supply to that fixture under the sink or behind the toilet (turn to the right to tighten or turn off and turn left to restore water flow). Often this will prevent further water damage while a plumber is en route.

Emergency Plumbing Tacoma

Pristine Plumbing can fix nearly any kind of plumbing emergency you may have, and on sort notice in the event of an emergency. We can manage the following situations and more: toilet and sink repairs, burst or leaking water heater, sewer repair, frozen/burst pipes, leak, etc. Usually these repairs may require turning off the water to the entire house, so if you know how to do that at the street, it may be a good quick fix again while awaiting plumbing experts. Pristine Plumbing services both residential and commercial plumbing concerns. We don’t want you to be inconvenienced any longer than necessary, so we fix it fast and fix it right.

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It seems emergencies always happen at inopportune moments, like in the middle of the night. If you can turn off the water to either the problem spot or to the whole house, you might be able to wait for regular business hours, but usually a plumbing emergency is exactly that—an emergency. The longer you allow a leak or overflow to continue, the more likely you will encounter water damage or secondary damage to your home or business. Contact Pristine Plumbing today to learn more about our plumbing areas of expertise, including our 24-hour plumber service. We will serve you with professionalism and respect.