In our west coast climate, a lot of water outside your home is to be expected most months of the year, but if you are seeing unusual water pooling or lush green spots in an otherwise not green area, there is a possibility of an outdoor water leak on your Tacoma property. While an outdoor water leak may not cause the critical concern of structural damage an indoor leak might entail, it still needs your immediate attention for several reasons. First of all, any leak in your system can cause you a distressing water bill, and even when a leak it outside, depending on its location, it can still potentially creep into your home’s foundation, sidewalks, or other outdoor features, causing damages. Call Pristine Plumbing right away to get an outdoor water leak corrected immediately.

Water Leak Outside House Tacoma

Because you will likely detect a leak due to an excessively wet area in your yard, finding the issue will be simplified, but while Pristine Plumbing is assessing the leak, we can also check your entire system while we are onsite to see if there are any other trouble spots. As we are expert plumbers, we can quickly find, repair, or replace the offending section of pipe. Water leaks outside your house can occur for a variety of reasons. Heavy equipment on your lawn for other projects, ground shifting, or just outdated pipes can cause cracks or ruptures. In addition, tree roots are sometimes cause for pipe penetration that can cause both clogs and leaks

Outdoor Leak Detection Tacoma

Be assured that Pristine Plumbing can not only detect and fix your outdoor leak, but can do so without causing a mess. We will fix the problem with the least amount of intrusion possible and get your pipes up and running again. Get your water bills back on track with outdoor leak detection by Pristine Plumbing. Our licensed and professional technicians will treat you will respect, use state-of-the-arts techniques and tools, and will give you a fair price. We look forward to working with you. We are also equipped to handle any dripping or broken outdoor faucets as well. Having a water spigot or two outside is immensely helpful for watering your yard or washing cars, etc. but when they are dripping or leaking, they can also cause a great deal of water waste and high bills. Make sure your water bills are under control and that all your dripping faucets have been repaired.