A water leak in the plumbing system of your home can be stressful and costly. If a leak goes undetected or un-repaired for too long, it could cause irreparable damage to your home’s structure and contents. You cannot count on homeowner’s insurance to cover these sorts of damages either. Rather than risking that, call Pristine Plumbing at the first sign of anything unusual going on with your plumbing system. One big red flag is a rising water bill with no discernible change in your water usage habits. Another clear concern would be any unexplainable wet spots on walls or floors of your home or business. The quicker your leak is detected and isolated, the sooner you can have your home up-and-running again with less damage. Pristine Plumbing is an expert at not only finding but also repairing the water leak, so you won’t have to deal with multiple companies for the same repair.

Leak Detection Tacoma

Our plumbers have expertise on pinpointing the source of the leak and also providing you with real solutions, not just patchwork fixes. Causes of leaks vary, but among them are poor installation which may lead to unnecessary movement of pipes, old pipes wearing out, freezing issues, and more. But when you have a leak, your primary concern is getting the situation repaired and any leaking pipes replaced. We are equipped to help you with detection as well as an estimated price to repair the issue. Our technicians are licensed and skilled, so your Tacoma property is in good hands when you call Pristine Plumbing.

Leak Detection Services Tacoma

You can avoid thousands of dollars in water damage and water bills by calling us right away when you think you have a leak. Water leaks are definitely not a “wait and see” issue, so take the leak seriously and call a professional right away. Call Pristine Plumbing today if we can help you detect and repair leaks in your Tacoma home or business. Because we are skilled at finding the source of the leak, we can best pinpoint where the problem is occurring with our up-to-date leak detection tools for all our Tacoma jobs. Whether you have an indoor water leak or an outdoor one, both need to be addressed immediately to prevent enormous water bills and/or structural damage to your home. Call us today for water leak detection or any other plumbing concerns you may have.