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Water Heater Replacement Tacoma

Replace Water Heater Tacoma 

So, how do you know whether or not you need to repair or replace your water heater? Ultimately, this can be confirmed by a professional. However, there are a few signs that can indicate whether you can still repair it, or if it needs to be replaced. 

The age of your water heater. Just like most things in life, your water heater will eventually be too old. These heaters do expire, with some lasting between 8 – 12 years. A heater that is more than 12 years old might have run its course and would need to be replaced. 

How long you will be staying in your home. If your heater is getting close to expiration, but you plan to leave, you might not need to change it. This is especially true if the heater still has a few good years left. It will save you money, and the future owners will be able to use it for a good time before needing to replace it.

Of course, there are good indications that can tell you if you should consider repair in the first place. For example, if your water heater is creating strange noises, this shows that it is not working as it should. Or, if the water in your home is heating up very slowly, or is not heating up at all, this means that the water heater is not properly functioning. Next, rusty water coming from your faucet can indicate that your water heater is rusting, and this is contaminating the water. In addition, if your heater is leaking, this means it needs attention. 

If you are experiencing some (or all) of these signs, call Pristine Plumbing in Tacoma today! We provide plumbing services in Tacoma and beyond. We will gladly serve you!

Water Heater Installation Tacoma

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