A garbage disposal has become a standard feature in most American homes, particularly in newer constructions. Your garbage disposal is nearly always installed in the kitchen sink and can be used to grind food particles into small pieces that can be more easily washed down the drains without clogging. While a garbage disposal is a useful kitchen appliance and can last 8-10 years, on average, the time will come when it may need to be repaired or replaced. Pristine Plumbing always looks to the first solution as a repair. Sometimes a simple fix or cleaning or replacing a part is all that is required. But iI a repair is not feasible or practical economically, it may be time to install a new garbage disposal in your Tacoma residence. Some clear signs that the disposal may be failing are water leaking from the unit, a bad or rotting smell in the kitchen, or if the motor won’t turn on at all, even after hitting the reset button.

Install Garbage Disposal Tacoma

Garbage Disposal Replacement Tacoma

When the garbage disposal is leaking, has a bad smell or is making unusual noises even without obvious objects like kitchen utensils in them, Pristine Plumbing will likely recommend garbage disposal replacement. Fortunately, we have many garbage disposal models available and ready for quick installation. They generally vary in size and grinding power. While you could do a DIY installation, we do not recommend it because there are water, electricity, and sharp blades involved. We always recommend a professional plumber installation, whether it is a unit you have chosen yourself or one we help you select. Pristine Plumbing can quickly and safely get the installation done so your kitchen can be up and running again, generally in just a few hours.

Garbage Disposal Installation Cost

A garbage disposal is a relatively low cost, low investment plumbing job, so don’t despair if yours is no longer functioning. If you have no garbage disposal at all in your home and believe it would be convenient to have one, Pristine Plumbing is also equipped to check your power needs and the suitable garbage disposal to fit your sink. Give us a call today for all of your plumbing needs, including garbage disposal installation. Some benefits of installing a garbage disposal include reduced kitchen odors, less food waste to throw out and time savings. The relative cost of installing a new unit is not high compared to many other plumbing fixes.