A regular supply of hot water is essential in our homes for cleanliness and comfort. Without access to hot water, your family may have health issues and a lot of inconvenience in routine things like showering or washing dishes. A water heater is a standard fixture in most American homes, and they are generally sturdy and well-functioning for a number of years. But as the average water heater lasts from 8-12 years, if your unit is on the upper end of this range, a repair may be all you need, but you may also need to consider a replacement. Pristine Plumbing’s first priority is always to assess the water heater unit to see if a repair is in order. Sometimes the replacement of a faulty component or another fix is all that is needed. This is the fastest and most economical option, and we will always pursue this avenue first.

Water Heater Repair Tacoma

Hot Water Heater Repair Tacoma

Of course an outdated hot water heater is more likely to need a repair, but occasionally an incorrect installation or a faulty part may be the culprit. Pristine Plumbing will check these things and exhaust repair options before moving on to a replacement. If our expert plumbers determine that a new hot water heater is in order, we have many options for you to consider. Sometimes you may have an inefficient unit and we can find you a much more energy-efficient option. At times your tank size may be too large or too small for your hot water consumption needs. We are happy to discuss these considerations. We also may see that a tankless water heater installation is an attractive choice for your Tacoma residence or business, depending on your electrical and space considerations. These come in both gas and electric options.

Hot Water Tank Repair Tacoma

While no one enjoys being without hot water, Pristine Plumbing can provide fast and professional services with courtesy and consideration for your financial considerations. Knowing that your new water heater unit will last up to 12 years will also provide you peace of mind that you will not have the same problem anytime soon! Whether we repair or install your water heater, we will clean up our work, make sure your water heater is secured properly per Pierce or King County codes, and leave you will your supply of hot water restored. We look forward to serving you at your Tacoma residence or business.