Why choose water filtration for your Tacoma home? If asked, different Tacoma homeowners would give different answers for how important they think a water filtration system would be for their home. Many consider it important because of certain key benefits that a water filtration system brings to a home. 

For example, water filters improve the taste and smell of the water that you drink. You would no longer need to worry about purchasing bottled water and you would have purified water instantly, as you use your faucets. 

What are some of the water filter options that are available?

Reverse osmosis. This type of filtration forces water to be at a higher pressure and traps contaminants through a membrane. This way, water still passes through in and as a result, in a purified form. Because this type of filter uses up more water than other types of filters, it is recommended that this type of filter is used only to drink or cook with. 

Activated carbon. An activated carbon filter utilizes granules of activated carbon which serve as a sponge to absorb flowing water. They attract chemicals and trap them while leaving water the ability to pass on through. Take note, these filters don’t commonly work well as water softeners. They also don’t work on inorganic contaminants (such as arsenic and nitrate). 

Ion exchange. When attempting to soften water, this type of filter is one of the best options. Ion exchange water filters utilize zeolite beads that include sodium ios. These “beads” bring incoming impurities (including magnesium and calcium), and replace them with sodium ions. This improves the taste and smell of the water that you drink. 

With the different types of filter options, which one is right for you? Here at Pristine Plumbing, we are knowledgeable and experienced in water filtration systems. We can assess your situation depending upon your needs and provide you and your household with a great solution. Obtaining water filtration services provides you and the rest of your home with a better home life experience as well as improved health. Call us today for water filtration system installation.

Whole House Water Filtration Tacoma

Though a filtration system for a home requires spending, many homeowners see it as a worthy investment due to the various benefits. Health for your family and pets is one of the most important investments, and providing purified water is worth it. 

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