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Our number one priority is providing Kent residents quality plumbing and gas line services from our state-certified plumbers in Washington. We take our business of serving our customers very seriously and understand that having a plumbing or gas issue is never convenient for you. When we receive a call from a customer in need, we work hard to make the entire process as simple and easy as possible. We understand that it’s easy to find a plumber, but it’s not easy finding one that will put your budget and needs first, with an emphasis on providing care and attention to each and every customer and their concerns. Plumbing concerns are not something to be taken lightly, as one issue can easily become five different ones if left unattended. We ensure that we provide an option to be your go-to plumber for any and every plumbing need so you can avoid reaching out to multiple different plumbers to fix one problem. We fully inspect, assess, and estimate all of our services and work one-on-one with you to determine a price point and service plan that you are more than comfortable with.

We pride ourselves on being one of the top choices for Kent residents to reach out to for any work they need to be done, and we continue to provide the best customer service possible while maintaining relationships with our customers well after the work is complete. We believe in treating our customers how we would want to be treated, and that includes providing as much knowledge and service as we can, and ensuring that you remember our work as the best plumbing service you could have received for years to come. Our products and services are built to last and we guarantee that all of our technicians will not only get the job done but perform with a standard of excellence and leave your household working and looking better than it did before. Many people take their household appliances for granted and therefore don’t really think it is necessary to keep up with routine inspections or maintenance. The opposite could not be more true in this case, and having a plumber perform inspections and necessary upkeep absolutely is a necessity to prolong the life of your household. You don’t want to neglect what needs to be done for too long or else you might be looking to replace the appliance entirely instead of just repairing it.

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From the time you call one of our Kent plumbers, to the completion of your plumbing or gas line repair or installation, our goal is to never overlook any detail along the way. This is why it is an essential part of any work we do to inspect everything thoroughly and to test repaired or installed appliances multiple times. It’s Pristine Plumbing’s mission to be the best and most trusted Seattle plumber, drain, sewer, and gas contractor in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Just take a look at our glowing reviews from Kent homeowners. Then give us a call today and you can be the judge!

When you need an emergency plumber, a Pristine plumber is here to answer the call. Our plumbers can clean out your drain or sewer, administer plumbing repairs to your Kent residence or commercial building, and conduct in-depth emergency plumbing inspections. With versatile scheduling, we offer to make a plan with you to make sure that the entire process fits your schedule the best and we handle all the complicated parts so you don’t have to. We offer wide-ranging services when it comes to plumbing and gas work. Kent residents can rely on a Pristine plumber for leaks, installation, repairs, and replacements. Residential and commercial services are available for any and everyone that needs them. 

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We serve the greater King and Pierce County areas, offering services from qualified expert plumbers in Kent. No matter where you are located, you can trust our local team of professional plumbers to get the job done right! You can count on our plumber to be on time for every Kent service call, complete the work with the utmost excellence, and get it all at a reasonable price.

Every project is overseen by an expert plumber, specializing in toilets, sinks, garbage disposals, and gas lines. Our technicians are all state certified and licensed, and undergo extensive training with hands-on experience so we can be prepared for every kind of circumstance that may arise. Our techs possess the knowledge that plumbing and pipe issues can look like one thing at first, but can become a multitude of other problems branching out from a single inquiry. Because of this, our plumbers and work vans are ready for any kind of situation, whether it's routine maintenance or a dire emergency, and are prepared to take on every challenge so you can have peace of mind that your household is being taken care of. We are trained to inspect the entire property to guarantee quality in our work and future services as well. With each service, you will receive any and all information about any future repairs or replacements for your house that we recommend, as well as decent and fair pricing that can fit everyone’s budget. Pristine Plumbing backs all its work with a Kent customer guarantee. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers for any sewer or drain emergency. We are the leading authority when it comes to everything plumbing and gas line services.

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We are your local Kent plumber company to call for all kinds of plumbing issues and problems. We’ll get it solved so you can get back to your life! Here are the pages for other services we provide:

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