Even though you constantly use it, you may not think of the water heater in your Seatac home all too often. Your water heater allows you to use hot water while you wash dishes, bathe, and shower. And if it is not functioning properly, it can be very inconvenient. There are certain signs that exhibit a malfunctioning heater. These signs are covered below. 

Water Heater Replacement Seatac

Thermostat settings. Because water heaters have settings. If these settings are not set as preferred, it will cause your water heater to not function at optimal levels. Check these settings to see if this may be the cause.

Your water heater in your Seatac home is making noises. Loud rumbling or clanging noises coming from your heater indicate malfunction. If you are hearing these sounds, call a local professional to diagnose the issue. 

Your water heater is leaking. A leak in your appliances is never a good thing. The leaking causes water damage to your property and brings other issues such as mold. Expansion issues and loose connections are some of the potential causes. 

Last, there is rust within your heater. Rust and corrosion in your heater can also contaminate your water supply. If the water in your home is coming out rusty, it may be your heater. 

Replace Water Heater Seatac

If you are experiencing water heater issues in Seatac, contact Pristine Plumbing! We provide affordable prices and top-notch customer service. We will put our experience to work for you and fix the water heater issue in your Seatac home.  

Water Heater Installation Seatac

So when can you repair your heater, and when is replacement necessary? New water heaters can cost you a couple thousand dollars, which you would want to avoid if repair is possible. Here are some determining factors that indicate if repair or replacement is the way to go.

Age of your heater. Gas or electric heaters typically last 8 – 12 years. If your tank is older, it could be that it needs to be replaced. Water heaters do have expiration dates, and if one has served its course, it may need to be replaced. 

How long you and the residents in your home plan to stay. If you plan to be moving away fairly soon, and you still have a few good years of use left in your tank, replacement may not be needed. The new homeowners that would live in your home could also get good use from the heater. 

If you live in Seatac and need water heater service, call Pristine Plumbing at (253) 210-3325! We’ve got your back, and our skilled and experienced team will do the job right.