If you own a home in Renton, you may not think of your hot water heater very often. However, it plays a vital role in providing comfort and convenience to you and the residents that reside with you in your home in Renton. Water heaters regulate the temperature of the water that you use, and enable you to shower, bathe, and clean with comfort. 

To know whether or not you may need to replace or repair your water heater, view the common signs of a damaged water heater below. 

Water Heater Replacement Renton

Replace Water Heater Renton

Common signs that it is time to replace or repair your water heater in your Renton home:

Issues with the temperature. Clearly, the main job of your water heater is to provide you with warm and hot water. If you are experiencing that the water is taking too long to warm up, or is not getting warm at all, this is likely due to water heater problems. This could be due to different reasons. For example, the settings of your heater could have been set differently than preferred. Or, it could be because your water heater tank size is too small. Different homes are different in size, and yours may need a larger tank to operate all of the appliances that require it throughout. Next, it may be that the location of your tank is in an area where the temperature outside of it is influencing its functionality. For example, if the tank is located outside of your home, the colder climate outside may be causing it to function improperly. 

Strange noises coming from the heater. This is never a good sign, and is an indication that the heater’s functionality is compromised. If this is the case, call a local plumber to take a look at your heater and assess what the cause of the problem is. 

The tank contains a leak. Leaking appliances are never good, and this includes your water heater. If your tank is leaking, this not only interferes with how it works, but it also brings water damage to your home. From there, issues including mold could arise (potentially affecting the health of you and your residents). 

Rusting in the heater. In time, corrosion can happen within your heater. This is also a sign that a leak may be present. This could also cause your water that you use in your home to come out rusty, because it is caused by a malfunctioning heater. 

Water Heater Installation Renton

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