Water heaters are incredibly important for the comfort of your home. They provide warm and hot water for you and your residents. Water heaters do eventually require replacements and occurring maintenance before that.

Pristine Plumbing is here to provide you affordable, efficient, and quality water heater services. We install, replace, and repair water heaters. Our area of service includes Federal Way and beyond. As a local business, we understand the needs of Federal Way homeowners and are here to serve you. Your satisfaction is our priority. Call us to repair your water heater in Federal Way at (253) 210-3325!

Water Heater Replacement Federal Way

Replace Water Heater Federal Way

If your water heater is having issues functioning properly, this could lead to other issues in your home. Water heaters that are outdated waste energy within your home. A leak can also cause bad water damage and water waste. If you noticed a recent surge in your bills, it may be due to your water heater. Or, if your water is not warming up properly, this is a sign that your water heater is not working as it should in providing warm and hot water. 

Here are some signs of a broken or outdated water heater:

  • Water is not warming up properly
  • Water is not warming up at all
  • Noises are coming from your heater
  • Leaking from the tank

If you are noticing some or all of these signs, call Pristine Plumbing. We will assess the issue and provide you guidance with the next steps. 

Water Heater Installation Federal Way

In addition to providing water heater repair services, we also provide installation services to those that have a new home without a heater. We offer competitive prices and top notch customer service. Our team consists of many homeowners, and because of this, we understand the needs that Federal Way homeowners have.

Although there are instances where your tank can be repaired, sometimes replacement is necessary. Obtaining services from an experienced and licensed plumber makes all the difference. If you have an emergency and need immediate services for your home, call us. We will get there in a timely fashion and provide you with the repair, installation, or replacement services that your home needs.

We also offer full-plumbing services, including sewer clean out, repiping, leak repair, drain cleaning, and water filtration. Our reputation speaks of how your satisfaction is our priority. Call us in Federal Way Today at (253) 210-3325.