You cannot claim to know about, let alone be from Puyallup without extensive and infuriating experiences with traffic.  Washingtonians can talk about the parking lot that is the Highway 405 and 167 interchange, but anyone who has lived in Puyallup has survived two separate traffic monsters: The Washington State Fair and Meridian Ave or The 161.

When you think of the Washington State Fair in the fall, what do you think of first?  The food, the rides, the concerts, or the traffic?  As someone who grew up in Washington, the Puyallup Fair was always a huge deal.  In fact, you can still sing or hum along with the jingle for the fair for those of you who are old enough.  What you probably also remember is sitting on 512 or Meridian for what would feel like hours and hours waiting to get to the fairgrounds.  

A beast to take on is Meridian Ave on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  Without fail, the blocks end up turning into small parking lots where if you are lucky, you only have to sit through 2 red lights before you can finally cross the intersection.  Let’s not talk about what happens when it rains or even snows.  But when you think about why it can get so busy, it really makes sense.  Highway 161 has very quickly turned into a rather large artery feeding people to and from their homes from South Hill to Graham and Orting over to Frederickson.  

At this point, it is reasonably safe to ask, ‘why traffic on a plumbing blog?’ And for that, we have two reasons.  One, we make fun of the traffic because it is part of a place we love.  The second reason is that having our office in Puyallup, the traffic is something that we need to deal with and plan for.  We have to dispatch a technician out to your home, whether it is a normal service call, free estimate, or emergency call, that traffic is something that we need to contend with.  

We won’t be giving away any of our trade secrets as to how we get around all this traffic so well and so fast but, when you are waiting for us and the water is running, every minute counts.  We take a lot of pride in the city we and our business call home.  The next time you have a leak where water should not be, a shower that is not draining or you want to make some plumbing home improvements, give the Puyallup Plumbers at Pristine Plumbing Services a call!


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