Have you noticed your water bills rising despite you not making any changes to your water usage? Or are you finding moist spots in a wall, or on the floor of your home where you didn’t before? It’s likely that there is a leak in one of your pipes, but it’s difficult to tell where the leak is without the proper tools. This means that if not detected by checking your water bill or noticing moisture, a leak can last for months if it’s not exposed. A leak can cause irreparable damage to other parts of your home as well, as dripping fluids can eventually erode or ruin other materials and items in your home if exposed for too long to continual water flow. If you believe that a leak may be happening in part of your home, we would recommend calling us or another certified leak detection company. The cost of an inspection and any repair will save you hundreds or even thousands by avoiding future damage!

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A leak can happen for many reasons, but some of the most common reasons that leaks happen is due to old pipes failing, or poor installation practices that led to a pipe becoming loose or breaking. Even if the pipe only has clean water flowing in it, this can still cause extensive damage to your home. Meanwhile, a leak in a pipe carrying waste from your garbage disposal or connected to your sewer can lead to rotten and nasty fluids being fed into areas of your home they should never be. At the least this will result in a nasty smell carrying into your home, and at worst can cause irreparable damage to floors, walls and items in your home. We can provide the best leak detection and leak repair services to get your pipes flowing properly again!

Water Leak Detector Puyallup

Each one of our technicians are leak detection experts, and are experienced in finding where any leak is occurring and estimating how much it will cost to fix it. We are also equipped to repair the leak while we’re there, so you won’t have to call a different company to get it fixed after we work with you. We are here to be your one stop shop for leak detection, repair and any pipe replacement needed. Our plumbers are experts in leak detection, and can help diagnose where the leak is occurring and how to fix it. We can also fix it while we’re there so you don’t have to call another company to get the problem taken care of. We are licensed for leak detection and pipe repair, replacement and repiping and can be your reliable plumber for all parts of the leak detection and repair process.

We use the most up to date leak detection tools for our Puyallup jobs, to make sure that we can quickly identify where a leak is occurring and provide an estimate for how much it will cost to fix. This helps us save your time and get to estimating how much it will cost to repair, and finish the job sooner. Call us today if you need help with leak detection!

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