While in the fall and winter months moisture is expected in any yard in Puyallup, if there is excessive moisture appearing in one area of your yard or if you’re finding lots of water throughout your yard despite dry weather, you may have an outdoor leak in an underground line, or a leak in your sprinkler system. It may be comparatively easy to find the source of an outdoor leak versus an indoor leak, since the leak will tend to make its way into the dirt of your yard or elsewhere after a short time, but it is often just as or even more difficult to get the issue fixed. We can help confirm what happened to cause the leak, and repair it so that your water bill won’t be excessively high any longer.

Water Leak Outside House Puyallup

Outdoor Faucet Leaking Puyallup

While an outdoor leak may not damage fixtures and parts of your home the same way a leak in your wall or basement would, it can have a terrible effect on your yard’s grass, or other plants and also destabilize the soil in your yard. Meanwhile if the water is leaking away from your yard and is instead going into the street or driveway, while it may not be as immediately problematic for your home your neighbors likely won’t appreciate the extra water in the street, or your driveway may slowly be eroded. We can inspect the leaking area and help fix the issue so you can keep your water bill low and avoid these issues!

Repair Outdoor Faucet Puyallup

There are many ways for a leak to be opened in an underground pipe or water line, but the most common reason for a pipe failure is just aging materials that are more likely to crack or fall apart under high stress, whether it’s excessive rain or a minor earthquake. Outdated installation practices may also be more susceptible after many years, requiring repiping or trenchless repair to get it back up to code. If it’s just leaking into your yard, the non-potable water in these pipes may not cause any health issues, but that excessive moisture can still cause damage to your property. Meanwhile if the pipe is related to your sewer system, that water may be much more nasty and cause terrible odors to be released into the neighborhood. If nothing else the smell will be very noticeable to you and any guests you may have, so it’s best to find and repair the issue as soon as possible.

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