In the winter months of owning a home in Kent or King County, you can expect any lawn or garden to have some excess moisture. With heavy rain frequently on the horizon, even if your drainage and outdoor faucets are in perfect condition puddles are common. However if it’s the dry summer and you’re seeing inexplicable moisture and puddles in your yard despite there being no rain, or if the amount of moisture seems wildly abnormal, you may have an outdoor leak in a spigot, gutter pipe or underground water line. Depending on the source of the leak, the time and cost of the repair can vary quite a bit but we can help diagnose the issue and determine what has gone wrong.

Thankfully an outdoor leak can often be easier to locate than a comparable indoor water leak, because the excessive water is more likely to be visible in your yard than it would be in a house wall, where you may not know you have a leak until a high water bill gets your attention. However if the leak is from an underground mainline, it can still be a difficult fix without the right tools and plumbing knowledge. You also should never dig into your yard without having the right knowledge of where to dig and the proper licensing and permission. We’ll take care of the issue and get your leak repaired. We can help confirm what happened to cause the leak, and repair it so that your water bill won’t be excessively high any longer.

Water Leak Outside House Kent

Outside House Faucet Leaking Kent

An outdoor leak may not have the same immediate negative effects on your home as an indoor leak, as if there’s just extra water in your lawn or decorative bark, it may not be too much of an issue. However if the leak is left alone for a long time, the water bills can stack up enormously just like an indoor leak, and the excessive water can be very unhealthy for your yard’s grass, and destabilize soil as well if you’re attempting to grow flowers or garden vegetables. Meanwhile if the water isn’t affecting your outdoor property very much, but is leaking into the neighbor’s property or the street, it can cause issues for other people around you and complaints from your HOA or the city. It’s better to have us inspect the area with the potential leak and diagnose the issue, so you can keep your water bill from skyrocketing, and keep your home and the neighbors’ homes from being damaged.

Repair Outdoor Faucet Kent

There are many potential causes for outdoor fixture or pipe failure, but some of the most common one is just age. Older pipes that have been through many harsh winters will eventually break down, especially if they are made of materials like clay or concrete that don’t hold up as well as modern choices like PVC. Minor earthquakes  can also have an effect over time on these pipes, or outdated plumbing practices that we now know are unreliable may have been used when the home was built. Depending on the location of the pipe that is leaking, or fixture if it’s a spigot, the non-potable water may not be a huge issue right away for health, but it will still erode and cause damage over time to wherever the leak floods to. It’s always best to locate and repair the issue now rather than later, and we’d love to help you do that with our expertise in outdoor and indoor leak detection and repair.

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