What are the telltale signs of a water leak if you own a home in Auburn or King County? The most obvious is an unusually high water bill, that you can’t account for with your normal usage. Water bills will fluctuate naturally based on the time of year and what tasks you’ve been doing around your house, but if a bill seems exceptionally high there’s a good chance that a leak somewhere in your plumbing is costing you extra money. While there may also be other indications like wet spots in a wall or floor, or old appliances or pipes that you know are on your last legs, it’s likely that you won’t know if there’s a leak until you are faced with a high water bill.

Thankfully we are here to help identify where leaks in your home may have happened, and prevent further cost from water bills or damage from dripping fluids to your home. If you have received a high water bill or suspect a leak has occurred for other reasons, we recommend giving us or another certified leak detection company a call. The cost of inspection and any necessary repairs pales in comparison to how much extra you may be paying for water every month, much less future repairs caused by erosion from the leak.

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Leak Detection Auburn

There are many reasons that leaks occur over time, but some of the most common reasons are simply age. Older homes in Auburn have plumbing systems that have been used for many years, and may not have the integrity they once did. Older techniques and materials for seals and pipes tend to also be less strong than their modern counterparts, meaning that it’s quite likely a leak will occur in older systems simply due to the materials breaking down. Pipes for delivering water to your sinks may have nice clean water flowing through them, but even drinkable water can cause severe damage to your home over time with erosion. Even worse, a leak or crack in a sewer pipe or other waste disposal pipe can result in toxic and rotting material being left in your home instead of in your sewer, and cause nasty odors to float into your entire home. Because of this, we are here to provide excellent leak repair and detection services so that you can avoid damage to your home and get your home fixtures working right.

Water Leak Detector Auburn

All Pristine Plumbing technicians are experts in leak detection, and have great experience and knowledge to help use our modern leak detections tools to quickly identify where a leak is and what needs to be done. We can also give an estimate for repair costs after finding the leak, so you can get the leak identified and fixed in one trip instead of having to schedule yet another appointment with a different company! We are properly licensed for all plumbing work in Washington including leak detection and repair.

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