Having a water heater is an essential part of the modern American home experience for many families. The ability to quickly get hot water for bathing, showering and cleaning is important for keeping your family and home healthy and clean. If you have a water heater that is slow to get heated water out to your fixtures or is failing in another way, it will be far more difficult or uncomfortable to clean dirty dishes, take a shower or wash your hands correctly.

Outdated or faulty water heaters are at a higher risk of failure as well, which can lead to other issues in your home even if the heater doesn’t have any obvious leaks or pressure issues. An old water heater may not have been properly secured according to current Pierce County requirements, which can lead to injury in an earthquake. Even if your water heater is working okay, new water heaters are more electricity efficient and will save you money on energy bills in the long run. Pristine Plumbing is available to help with replacement and installation of your old water heater in Puyallup!

water heater replacement puyallup

Water Heater Installation Puyallup

Our highly knowledgeable plumbers are here to perform expert hot water heater installations or replacement as required. If you have a heater we can help with proper installation, but if you aren’t sure what heater would be best to use we can help with recommendations and provide it as well. We will install it properly according to residential and commercial Pierce County regulations and make sure everything is working perfectly before we leave.

Instead of merely removing the old heater and throwing in the new one, we check all components related to it including the flue pipe, pilot light, and water line to make sure everything is working right before we call it a day. Meanwhile if we find that your heater is salvageable and will work much better after a repair, we can help with getting the problem fixed and recommend ways to prevent further issues from arising. Sometimes even a relatively new water heater might appear to stop working because of an issue with another component, or a defect. We’ll help diagnose the issue and give recommendations for what will be safest and most cost effective.

Puyallup Hot Water Heater Replacement

Every Pristine Plumbing technician has many years of experience in water heater repair, replacement and installation. We’ve worked with all kinds of water heater systems and brands, and have the expertise to recommend water heater types and styles based on your space, needs and budget. We can help you decide whether a standard water heater or a tankless water heater is better for your needs, and install it properly to make sure it works perfectly for many years. Your home in Puyallup will have its hot water restored and be left cleaner than we found it! Just read our online reviews to see why you can trust us with your water heater needs.

If you’re considering replacement for your water heater, call us at Pristine Plumbing today!

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