While many modern homes in Puyallup and Pierce County have quality tap water available, or have a state of the art refrigerator with a built in filter for drinking water, older homes may not have the best quality tap water due to deposits in pipes or not having the greatest water source to pull from, depending on the area. Some homes in rural areas may even have a traditional well for water, which while being a legitimate option may leave something to be desired for water purity as well. We would love to help install a new water filtration system, to make sure that your family has perfectly clean drinking water without any unhealthy or foul tasting deposits leftover.

water filtration puyallup

Water Filter System Puyallup

Bottled or canned water is always an option if you don’t have a clean source of water handy, like on a trip or in the event of an emergency. However, relying on water bottles all the time in your own home instead of drinking tap water can be both expensive and wasteful, especially if you’re choosing higher cost brands for extra pure or alkaline water. It is far more cost effective in most cases to drink the water from your own home and refill glasses or other containers, instead of going through hundreds of plastic bottles. This is where a water filtration system can be an excellent investment, insuring that your home’s drinking water is pure and pleasant to sip, even if the water quality in your neighborhood has decreased or if old pipes are leaving deposits in it before it gets to your faucet.

Water Filtration System Puyallup

Our plumbers at Pristine Plumbing are happy to not just repair pipes or fix faucets for you, but also to help upgrade your home and make your family living experience safer and more comfortable. Water filtration is an excellent way to help make sure your family has pure and clean water available at any time of day or night, and not be dependent on buying plastic water bottles all the time. This can be especially important in the event of dangerous weather that leaves you housebound, or in heavy rain seasons where sediments are extra likely to make their way into the water supply. We are happy to help recommend the best brand of water filtration systems for your needs and budget, and install it properly for your home.

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