Trenchless Sewer Repair Puyallup

Many basic sewer issues can be prevented with proper maintenance and care, and we always recommend following guidelines for annual sewer maintenance and checkups. That said, sometimes a pipe may crack or a main line may clog even if you've been careful with your sewer system, especially if the pipe materials or style is on the older side as some homes in Puyallup are. Traditional repairs for these kinds of issues used to almost always require digging up the entire area above the sewer so that the pipes could be accessed and repaired, which took a lot of time to do and was very expensive.

Thankfully, trenchless sewer repair is a new modern technology that can solve many basic sewer breakages and problems. The term "trenchless" is used to describe this technique because only a small hole must be dug to access part of the sewer line, and the remaining repair work can be done throughout the pipe without having to dig the entire area. This saves time and money for you! If a time comes where your sewer is backing up or a major leak has occurred in your main water line, Pristine Plumbing's trenchless sewer technology and expertise may be an excellent solution to get the issue fixed quickly and simply.

trenchless sewer repair puyallup

Trenchless Pipe Repair Puyallup

Pristine Plumbing is a 100% licensed, family owned and insured plumbing contractor servicing the Puyallup and Pierce County area. Our mission is to provide excellent, high quality plumbing and drain services that go beyond what is expected for our prices, and to be your trusted plumber choice for all other plumbing, sewer and water heater problems you have down the road. Rather than charging high prices and nickel and diming you to get everything we can out of a single job, we put your needs first and help you find the best solution for what your home and wallet requires. We would love to be your go-to choice for plumbing questions and issues and value the trust of our customers above all else. We pride ourselves on being transparent about what we discover in your home as we work so that we can keep you informed about any additional issues that may need fixing, but also advise you based on what is most important to repair within your budget. We will also recommend lower cost services in the event that the expected issue is actually simpler to solve than initially estimated, rather than continuing a higher cost service even if it's unnecessary.

You can always call us if you're unsure of whether your sewer line is having a problem, but there are many common signs that can be easy to notice if you're looking for them. Here are some of the top ones we frequently see in homes with sewer repair needs:

• Sewage backups in your home's sinks, drains, toilets, tub or shower
• Re-occuring clogs in multiple pipes or drains in your home
• Unidentifiable odors in your home that don't have an obvious source
• Water coming back out of the drains or hookups for your sinks, bathtub, drains or washing machine

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Puyallup

Regardless of the severity of your sewer's problems, you can trust us to help diagnose what is going wrong and what will be the best way to fix it, whether trenchless or traditional. We will always do a thorough check to see if repair will be sufficient and keep your home safe for years to come, and be clear about why if we feel that a full replacement might be your best bet. We will always put your needs and budget first and make sure you can make the most informed decisions possible before we work. We always do an excellent job and make sure your home is cleaner than when we came in. If you reside in Puyallup and are concerned that your sewer may be in need of repair, or if you have any other emergency plumbing need, please call (253) 243-2214 so we can schedule an appointment.