Water heaters have been a staple for nearly any home in Kent and Washington state for many decades, so it’s quite rare that a home doesn’t have one these days. However these heaters are often very old and outdated, and are either unreliable, energy inefficient or both. They also tend to be quite large both for the heating system and for the tank of water, which while allowing lots of hot water to be stored, means that the heater may be extremely slow to get all that water hot if it’s not in perfect condition. Tankless water heaters are the modern, energy efficient and more reliable replacement for the old style of large tank heaters. This style of water heater can be electric or gas fueled, but either way this style of heater uses less power and can heat water quickly. Any modern water heater will be safer and reliable compared to an old rusty heater, but tankless water heaters are an excellent fit for many Kent homes.

All of the top water heater manufacturers offer tankless water heaters, but some of the top ones are Rheem, Ecosmart and Takagi that you’ll find online or in stores in Kent. Not only are these heaters reasonably priced compared to tank style heaters, but they are also extremely cost-efficient and help to avoid wasting energy used to make hot water that is unused and goes back to normal temperature. However depending on your needs, a regular style heater may be necessary, or at least an option if you have the space for it. We can help you choose by visiting your home and giving a free consultation!

tankless water heater kent

Electric Tankless Water Heater Kent

While your water heater may be working okay for now, an old water heater that hasn’t been inspected in a long time can be a serious risk factor for your house. A water pipe or connection failure could result in leaks that flood your home, or an old gas heater with fragile gas lines could be susceptible to a natural gas leak at any time, affecting your entire HVAC system and home. Even if the heater itself isn’t compromised, it may not be mounted properly to a wall of your home according to King County earthquake requirements, and at least need an inspection and remounting service.

Even if all of these possible issues are not a risk for your Kent water heater right now, investing in a tankless water heater powered by electricity or natural gas will increase your home’s value and decrease your monthly power or gas bill. It will also likely be easier to use and prevent having to replace the heater in an emergency later.

Tankless Gas Water Heater Kent

After you’ve purchased a tankless heater yourself in Kent or we’re provided one for you, we don’t merely yank out the old heater and throw the new one in haphazardly. We always do a thorough inspection of the whole setup around your heater including your flue pipe, pilot light and gas or power lines to ensure that your new heater won’t be interrupted by a wiring failure or pilot light going out the next day. We also will inspect the new heater for manufacturing defects to make sure you haven’t purchased a faulty or damaged one, so you won’t need repair work right away after getting a brand new heater.

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