Sewer maintenance and clearing is a job that is important to address. When clogged, congested, or damaged sewer lines are not fixed or overlooked it can cause major issues and damage to your home and property, not to mention the health risk it poses if wastewater ends up back in your home. Since pipes are underground, it is very easy to lose sight of any maintenance or repairs that you might need. Because of this, it is possible to have to spend a lot more money later on down the line than you would to just keep up with routine maintenance periodically. It is much easier to keep up with inspections and regular drain cleaning than it is to prepare for one giant repair or total replacement in the future. 

Many different things can clog up your drain without you noticing. That is why it is very important to make sure that none of these items are being washed down your sink drain;

  • Grease and oily foods
  • Fruits or vegetables
  • Old coffee grounds
  • Rice
  • Other items that are not food

Along with regular items like the ones listed above, other household items can occasionally be dropped down there as well. Rings, small plastic toys, utensils, and other small items are easy to drop, and often get caught inside your sink drain. Even bigger toys like stuffed animals can make it inside your toilet with one simple flush. Even name brand waste like “flushable wipes” can cause major blockages, regardless of the damage-free guarantee on the front of the package. Anything going down your drain besides water can potentially pose a threat to the well-being of your pipes (besides toilet paper being flushed). This can cause quite a big clog in your drain that can affect the rest of the pipes in your household since all drainage lines run through the property’s sewage system. This makes it so that every single line is just as important as the next in order to ensure that the entire system is running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, even with all the precautions you may take towards keeping your pipes as clean as possible, there is still quite a bit of room for clogs to occur. Even with all this preparation, it is likely that your drains will stop running water as quickly as before due to age or small buildups over time. Our plumbers are trained to use cameras along with other methods to determine the best possible solution for all kinds of drainage issues and give you the peace of mind you deserve before performing or going through with any planned repairs. Our top priority is to keep you in mind and make sure you approve of every single adjustment before doing so. 

Puyallup Drain Sewer Cleaning

Here at Pristine Plumbing, we ensure that every single plumber we employ has extensive training and experience with every type of plumbing service you could possibly need. We provide both residential and commercial sewer line maintenance services to ensure that your property is properly taken care of. Commercial sewer cleaning is often overlooked due to the constant hustle and bustle of work life. These buildings are just as important to perform plumbing maintenance on as it is for residential homes. The process is the same for commercial buildings; inspections, maintenance, and repairs are performed by our top-notch plumbers with cameras, hydro jetting, and other popular services to provide businesses with fully functioning pipes. It is also important for commercial buildings to do their part in keeping the pipes clean as well. Standard items like the ones mentioned above should not be washed down the drain and bathroom pipes should be maintained periodically to avoid cutting a big check out of your budget later on down the line to fix an even bigger problem. Businesses like restaurants or other food-related businesses can be hot spots for plumbing issues as well. Due to the sheer amount of food being made and thrown away and toilets or sinks being used, these places can require maintenance or replacements even sooner than residential properties. It is always best to ensure proper training for employees to dispose of food waste to ensure that you are not losing money on avoidable repairs. 

How often you should schedule maintenance for your commercial building depends on a few factors. If the building contains a kitchen or the bathroom is used very frequently, it would probably be best to schedule a routine inspection at least once a year. If drainage pipes are maintained on an annual basis, it should be more than enough time to catch an impending issue if there is one before it becomes an overall plumbing system issue. Oftentimes maintenance on your sewer lines can save you costly plumbing jobs by not having to replace your sewer drains down the road when they burst or break, especially from roots. Since sewer lines are not visible in most cases, they can also be forgotten about and maybe neglected for regular maintenance; don’t let that happen to you! Your main sewer lines can be blocked by many things or even tree roots. We have multiple options to check and clear your sewer drains, from power drain snakes, water jets, and cameras we can take care of your sewer cleaning and clearing.

Sewer Line Cleaning Puyallup

If you notice or observe any of the following plumbing issues in your home or commercial property contact a plumber today:

  • Sewer backups in your drains, sinks, toilet, shower or tub
  • Constant clogs in your pipes or drains
  • A lot of smells, odors, or mold
  • Water backups in your washing machine, drains, sinks, or bathtub
  • Burst and broken water heater repair

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned issues in your Puyallup home or have any questions or concerns, give us a call at Pristine Plumbing, at (253) 243-2214. We will assess your sewer and offer you the correct solution. There’s a variety of solutions to deal with sewer and plumbing systems. Our professional plumbers will ensure that you are taken care of.

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