If you are doing remodels in your home, or if you find that your plumbing system is compromised, repiping is sometimes necessary. This process involves complete replacement of pipes as an upgrade or requirement for old pipes that are no longer sufficient. While we will always look to repair broken pipes if possible, repiping is a way to permanently fix issues or prevent future issues from arising if you own a home in Puyallup or Pierce County. We are also able to help with adding new pipes and systems to your home, if you are adding new fixtures or appliances that need additional pipes for bringing in water.  Whether you’re wanting to add a new outdoor spigot to help with gardening needs, an additional sink for a new bathroom, or are in need pipe replacement because the old pipes are just too compromised, we’ve got you covered!

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Repiping is often necessary because of old pipes being made of materials that are falling apart, or may even be out of compliance with modern Washington requirements for residential or commercial plumbing. We’ll help you pick out the best modern pipe replacement choice to fit your needs and budget, and make sure the new pipes will last for decades. We’re licensed and trained for repipe plumbing work, and can take care of removing old pipes and putting new ones in for you. We’d love to talk to you about your options and help give an estimate for how much repiping will cost.

Older Puyallup homes are more likely to need repiping due to the age of their plumbing systems and less strict plumbing requirements they were built within. Meanwhile commercial businesses that serve hundreds of customers every day are putting constant stress on plumbing systems, if those systems are out of date or not sufficient for the business’ needs. We can help with diagnosing how severe the problem is and how much repiping work will be required to avoid future issues. There are many options available for piping materials and methods that can help save cost, so even an extensive repiping job may cost less than you might think. Of course, we need to visit and investigate the issue before any accurate estimate can be given.

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Puyallup homes come in all sizes and layouts, so the location of a pipe failure or the best place to run new pipes may not be obvious. This is no problem for us though as we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to proper installation and pipe locations. We have the expertise to get your pipes redone regardless of location and get everything up to code!

We’d be more than happy to assist with your repiping needs. You can call us today to schedule an appointment so we can give you an estimate for your repiping project and get started!

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