Did you recently get an abnormally high water bill for the last month? Or are you seeing moisture in a spot of your home where it should be dry? There may be a leak in your home that has been undetected, and driving up the cost of your water bill. Leaks can also cause severe damage over time to other parts of your home, as dripping or flowing water over a long period of time can erode and ruin all kinds of materials. We recommend calling a certified leak detection company if you suspect that a leak is occurring, as paying for a one-time inspection will always be less expensive than repairing extensive damage done by a leak that was ignored.

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Leaks caused by old pipes or poor installation can lead to a lot of expenses down the road due to potential water damage. Let Pristine Plumbing provide you with the very best leak repairs to get your plumbing systems up and running perfectly again. Our plumbers will find out any potential leak problem areas and give your leaking pipes the proper maintenance they need in order to prevent the leaks from occurring again. If you’re having pipe leaks at home and home remedies aren’t solving the issue, call us at Pristine Plumbing for exemplary emergency plumbing services today. Call us for any leak detection or leak repairs!

Our plumbers are experts in leak detection, and can help diagnose where the leak is occurring and how to fix it. We can also fix it while we’re there so you don’t have to call another company to get the problem taken care of. We are licensed for leak detection and pipe repair, replacement and repiping and can be your reliable plumber for all parts of the leak detection and repair process.

Water Leak Detector Kent

Leaks can be problematic for many reasons in any Kent home, but the most obvious issue with leaks is wasted water. If a leak is occurring in a pipe, you may be charged for a very high water bill out of nowhere even if the leak doesn’t cause any notable damage. The leaking fluids may also cause significant damage to your home and other systems, depending on where the leak occurs and how much water flows out, so finding the leak and fixing it ASAP is very important to keep your water bills down and avoid further damage to your home.

We use modern leak detection tools to help us locate and diagnose where leaks are occurring and how severe the problem is. We can then give you an estimate of how much the repair will cost and take care of it right away, so you can get back to normal and not worry about your water bill as soon as possible.

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