A garbage disposal is one of the most often used plumbing fixtures in any home that has it, only behind faucets and toilets. Being able to wash dishes and get rid of waste in your kitchen sink is an extremely helpful modern feature in many homes, but older homes or office buildings may not have one installed. They also need to be replaced from time to time due to wear and tear, or improper use, or you may just want to install a higher quality one that can handle more waste at one time or be less noisy than your current one. No matter what the situation, Pristine Plumbing in Puyallup can take care of installing or replacing garbage disposals that will be perfect for your kitchen setup, and make your cooking and cleaning needs much easier to handle!

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Pristine Plumbing’s expert plumbing technicians in Pierce County can handle any garbage disposal replacement or repair job, along with any other plumbing needs arising in your kitchen. Cooking healthy meals for yourself or your family, and keeping your kitchen clean is difficult enough without leaks, faulty fixtures or unreliable gas lines getting in the way. Let us help you get your kitchen up to snuff so you can enjoy cooking and baking again!

We can handle plumbing or gas line needs throughout the rest of your home or business as well. If you have a toilet that is constantly getting clogged, a water heater that is unreliable or slow, or an open leak increasing your water bill, we can help diagnose and fix the issue for good. Just call us today and get an appointment scheduled so we can give you a quote in person!

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Our Puyallup plumbing technicians and gas line experts all have proper licensing and years of experience with repair, replacement and installation for all kinds of garbage disposals, water filtration and softening systems, faucets and much more.  We’ve got you covered with professional service and competitive pricing, and you’ll never have to worry about us not being on time or leaving a mess. We treat all our customers like family and go above and beyond to make sure your plumbing problem is fully rectified and your home is clean.

If you’re interested in getting a new garbage disposal or replacing your old one, call us at Pristine Plumbing today!

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