When experiencing constant clogs in your drain system, it’s time to call Pristine Plumbing to investigate. Ignoring clogs can be dangerous as they can be a sign of more serious drain issues. One of the many tools our plumbers use to rid pipes of terrible clogs is hydro jetting to clear out drain or sewer systems.

You’re probably thinking “What on earth is hydrojetting?”. It’s a process where a plumber uses high-pressure water to clean the interior pipe walls, removing grease, scale, and other debris. Scale buildup can end up blocking your pipes and creating water back up. Removing these obstructions will clear the way for clean and forceful water flow.

The process of using hydro pressure and jetting helps clear a drain or sewer that’s at high risk of excess clogs. The whole process is jet fast and is one of Pristine’s exclusive hydro cleaning services.


hydrojetting kent

Hydro Jet Kent

Hydro jetting is superior to traditional rodding. Instead of simply using a tool to force a clog out manually, Hydro jetting uses water to clean pipes thoroughly with energy-efficient technology. Hydro jetting works against gravity. A plumber starts from the bottom and uses pressured water to force a clog up and out. It’s really quite impressive!

Pristine technicians are trained in all modern plumbing technology including hydro jetting. We have the know-how to clean your pipes properly and quickly paired with friendly customer service. Give us a call today and schedule a visit from one of our plumbers if you are experiencing excess clogs.

Hydrojet Plumbing Kent

Not all Kent plumbers can perform hydro jetting services. That’s why many customers call Pristine when they need their drains cleaned out. Not only will we remove annoying clogs, but will also make sure your pipes are clean and up to quality standards.

At every home inspection, our plumbers perform in-depth assessments, provide accurate quotes for the required work, and carry out efficient and professional plumbing services.

With the hydro jetting method, you don’t have to worry about drain cleaning yourself. We can use high water pressure to clear your sewer or drain lines. After inserting the hose nozzle, we simply turn on the water and let the cleaning begin. The high-pressure water will remove debris and blockages from your sink and shower drain.

This is just one of the many effective processes pristine uses to solve Kent homeowners’ drainage issues. Call today to schedule our hydrojetting cleaning service.

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