There are a number of reasons you should call a plumber. Frequent clogs or blockages in drains, water coming back up through drains, and other consistent drainage issues, all indicate that it may be time to call a plumber to help ensure that your drains are cleaned out fully and that are there no serious drain issues developing that will be much worse than any clog. If left unattended, small seemingly minor issues can develop into an even bigger process of replacing the entire damaged system instead of just the one issue. One of the best tools at our disposal for clearing out severe clogs to help your pipes run smoothly, and let us check to make sure there are no other issues, is hydro jetting. This process is excellent for clearing out drains and sewer systems due to the efficiency of the machine. 

If you haven’t heard the term “hydro jetting” before, here is how it works. The machine itself uses no chemicals, only water, and consists of a hose, nozzle, and a base where the water is stored. This is a special high-pressure water hose that our plumbers use that can fit into most drains or sewer pipes and clean them out thoroughly and quickly. The only pipes this would not be efficient with are very old, corroded, rusted pipes that have undergone far too much water damage. In this situation, a clean-out would no longer be efficient and we would move toward replacing the entire system to avoid any further damage to water lines. There are so many obstructions that the high-pressure water can get through with little to no effort. Essentially this system is great for all kinds of pipe clearing since it is non-invasive and there are no chemicals added to the water whatsoever, so it ensures the job gets done without adding any unnecessary damage to the existing pipes. Efficient in finances and protecting the environment, this treatment is safe for all kinds of plant life. This water stream is very effective for removing old grease and blockages and cleaning the pipe to allow smooth transmission of water and material again.  If a pipe hasn’t been cleared out for a long time and is made of older materials that aren’t as durable, it’s very common for the buildup of nasty material to occur and cause blockages. Removing these clogs with hydro jetting will extend the life of your pipes and prevent worse issues from happening later. 

Tree roots are another cause of damaged pipes. Big overgrown trees have long twisting roots that grow underground to be around two to three times as big as the tree itself. This can cause major issues when tree roots wind around or near any water lines on a property. They grow too big and can get inside the water pipe, damaging it or completely destroying it entirely. Hydro jetting is a great option for breaking up minor roots before they grow to be too big and fill the space of the water pipe. Because of the non-invasive nature of the water stream, the roots simply break apart and our plumbers are able to clear out the rest of the debris and carry on with any repairs or replacements if necessary. 

hydrojetting puyallup

Hydro Jet Puyallup

The modern technology of hydro jetting is often a superior option compared to snaking or rodding. It all depends on the severity of the issue, but if it is minor enough, snaking or rodding is definitely the way to go. If further assistance is needed after efforts to unclog the drain didn’t work, the next best option might just be hydro jetting. While forcing a clog out manually can certainly work in some cases, hydro jetting can go through the entire pipe faster and more thoroughly! This method is also highly energy-efficient and cost-effective, compared to pipe replacement or other more costly measures. Since the hydro jetting machine only uses high-pressure water and nothing else, it is an environmentally-friendly and non-invasive option if you want to avoid digging up parts of your yard. Hydro jetting tools are so effective that they can actually work in spite of gravity; this method is usually used when pipes are very clogged. Oftentimes we start from the bottom of the pipe and use the high-pressure water stream to push the clog up and out of the drain or disposal to make sure it doesn’t cause clogs farther down the line. This would be far more difficult with traditional snake or rod options since these are essentially do-it-yourself projects that might not yield drastic but necessary results. Comparatively, there is really no official way to check if snaking your drain would or would not damage your pipes even more. Since you can’t really see down the drain with your naked eye, potentially you could be trying to snake a drain that is getting even more backed up as you’re doing it. Pipe draining varies from property to property so it is always best to hold off on doing it yourself to avoid costing you more money down the line. The only way to be completely safe with these types of situations is to assess whether or not other drains in the house are showing signs of being clogged and to turn off the main water supply until our plumbers can get there.

Hydrojet Sewer Line Puyallup

Pristine Plumbing has Puyallup plumbers who are fully trained and licensed for this kind of modern plumbing technology, so we can use it for you and your home. We are ready to make sure your pipes are cleaned out thoroughly with a smile and excellent customer service, and we leave your home cleaner than we found it so you can get back to your daily life as soon as possible. We'd love to hear from you today and book a visit with one of our technicians if you are struggling to clear out a clogged drain or pipe.

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