A gas leak is one of the most dangerous things that can happen in your home, because it may not be noticed until it’s too late if your carbon monoxide detector fails, or the rotten egg smell added to natural gas isn’t noticed in time. Before doing any repairs or giving you information about how we can repair a gas line leak professionally and safely, we have to recommend that you always have a functional and up to date carbon monoxide detector system in your home.

If you’ve discovered a gas leak in your home and shut off the gas to ensure no more flammable gas makes it way into your home, and made sure that everyone is safe, that’s where we come in. We are properly licensed for gas line repair and leak fixing, and can help you sleep soundly at night knowing that your gas lines are safe again.

We have over a decade of collective experience in gas line work for the Pierce County area including inspection, installation and maintenance so you can trust us to take care of your leak or new gas line installation. Whether you go with us or another gas line servicing company, we always recommend working with a professional for these jobs due to the dangers that a gas leak can cause in your home. Not only do you have to have special tools that don’t make much sense to buy for yourself, but you also should have a licensed inspection done so that you know the repair job has been done properly and safely.

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Gas Leak Repair Puyallup

Our technicians will locate exactly where the leak has occurred and recommend the best course with an estimate of cost, and keep you updated throughout the process whether the repair has additional complications, or will be less costly than we first determined. No matter what, our first priority is always safety and making sure you can feel confident in your property’s safety. We’d love to speak with you about setting up a consultation for your gas line issue so you can use your stove, furnace or generator again.

These are the top gas line services we provide in Puyallup and the rest of Pierce County:

  • Inspection
  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Replacement

We use only the most trusted and high quality tools and materials for gas line installations and repairs. This ensures that every repair is done as excellently as possible and you don’t have to be concerned about poor quality parts putting your home at risk.

Natural Gas Line Plumber Puyallup

Not only are we experts for gas line work, we are also your neighborhood, locally owned plumber with licensing for sewer, water heater and general service needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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