The modern garbage disposal is an indispensable kitchen tool for many families in the United States. With over half of the country using garbage disposals and more people getting them installed, this appliance has skyrocketed the usefulness of your kitchen and provides a convenient way to dispose of smaller food scraps that might linger on your plate. Used for cleaning up after most meals and getting rid of unwanted food waste, being able to dump and shred rotten or leftover food right in your kitchen sink is convenient and helps you keep your home clean and sanitary. Because of the usefulness of this common appliance, most people don’t think twice about using it every day. Without a garbage disposal, it can be difficult to dispose of little amounts of food waste and wash dishes without making a mess elsewhere; like scraping off food into the trash can. If you don’t have a lidded trash can this can also result in bugs and pests flocking into your kitchen. Not to mention the odor that comes from leaving food scraps to rot in the trash can cause the risk of pests and gnats lingering in your kitchen. 

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While most newer homes have garbage disposals, older models may need repair or adjustments to get them working properly again after years of heavy use, especially if food waste or other waste has been thrown in there daily. Proper upkeep of these appliances is often very overlooked and not taken seriously until the system completely stops working altogether. This can cause pipe damage or leaks that appear under your sink, and contribute to a multitude of other connecting issues such as other pipes leaking or failing. Among plenty of other things that you should avoid grinding up, here are some things you should keep away from your disposal;

  • Coffee grounds
  • Pasta (expands in water)
  • Hard items like bones
  • Nuts
  • Paint
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggshells
  • Onion skins
  • Fibrous vegetables like pumpkin
  • Fruit pits
  • Vegetable skins like potato skins
  • Any chemicals including cleaning chemicals
  • Seafood and seafood shells
  • Grease and cooking oils
  • And many more

Because of the number of food scraps that get thrown away in your garbage disposal regularly, it is very possible that the leftover food can rot inside the pipe, causing that gross odor we have all smelled before and pests to accumulate in or around your kitchen. Along with being mindful of the waste that goes down your disposal, it is crucial that regular maintenance and inspections be scheduled so that a brand new system does not have to be installed later on down the line. Keeping up with routine cleaning can save you time and money and helps keep your home clean from the inside out. 

Meanwhile, if your garbage disposal has been improperly used or damaged it may be best to replace it. Here are some signs that it might be time for a repair or total replacement;

  • There is a lingering odor coming from the disposal unit
  • Pests have shown up near the unit or in the kitchen
  • Frequent clogs 
  • Water leaking from pipes under the sink
  • Garbage disposal no longer breaks up food waste
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Garbage disposal no longer turns on
  • You have had the unit for around eight to fifteen years

It is always a good idea to look to replace your garbage disposal unit every decade or so; the specific time range for repairs or replacement installation will vary depending on the upkeep of each unit. With routine inspections and upkeep, we can provide you with accurate information on how your garbage disposal is looking, whether or not it needs to be repaired, or if you should look at a new replacement entirely. Here at Pristine Plumbing, we install new garbage disposals along with repairing your existing ones and help you get a new one set up, even if the sink didn’t have one before. Regardless of where you’re at, Pristine Plumbing has experts for garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation!

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The expert plumbers at Pristine Plumbing in Pierce County are equipped and trained for all garbage disposal repair and installation needs, along with any other repiping, gas line, or plumbing repair needs in your kitchen area. It can be difficult to cook good meals for your family and keep your kitchen clean even with excellent equipment, so if you need someone to fix your garbage disposal or other kitchen fixtures it will only make it more difficult. Even the best, most expensive appliances need upkeep and repairs from time to time as regular wear and tear affect their longevity. Our focus is on keeping your appliances and pipes in amazing shape to ensure peace of mind on all your plumbing needs. Give us a call so we can help get your kitchen back to pristine condition!

We also are ready to assist with your gas line or plumbing needs elsewhere in your home or business. Whether you need assistance with a toilet or shower in your bathroom, a water heater that isn’t working properly in your garage, or a sewer issue releasing nasty odors in your home, we are here to fix the problem for good and give you peace of mind. We’d love to speak with you and get an appointment scheduled!

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Each one of our Puyallup plumbing techs are properly licensed and have many years of experience in repair, replacement and installation for all kinds of kitchen fixtures like garbage disposals, faucets, water filtration and softening systems, and more. We have you covered with excellent and professional service and fair pricing. We always strive to be on time and leave your home cleaner than we found it, ensuring that your plumbing problems are properly fixed of course.

If you are in need of garbage disposal repair or maintenance in Puyallup please call us today!

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