Nothing beats the feeling of having a clean and tidy home. From crisp sheets to a sparkling kitchen sink, homeowners always want to make sure that their family lives in a neat environment. Not only does regular cleaning and upkeep add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it also prevents bacteria, viruses, and mold from making their way inside the house which can potentially cause your family health issues.

One method to ensure your kitchen sink is well-kept is by installing a garbage disposal unit. This contraption captures leftover food and grinds them into small pieces until they’re liquified enough to be flushed down your septic system or the city’s water waste system.

Garbage disposal has become a staple in most Kent households, thanks to its efficiency as well as its environmental impact. Garbage disposal units are a great way to minimize the food waste that goes into our landfills by reducing them into a liquid form that can be flushed down the drain.

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While most newer homes have garbage disposals, older models may need repair or adjustments to get them working properly again after years of heavy use, especially if food waste or other waste has been thrown in there daily. Proper upkeep of these appliances is often very overlooked and not taken seriously until the system completely stops working altogether. This can cause pipe damage or leaks that appear under your sink, and contribute to a multitude of other connecting issues such as other pipes leaking or failing. Among plenty of other things that you should avoid grinding up, here are some things you should keep away from your disposal;

  • Coffee grounds
  • Pasta (expands in water)
  • Hard items like bones
  • Nuts
  • Paint
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggshells
  • Onion skins
  • Fibrous vegetables like pumpkin
  • Fruit pits
  • Vegetable skins like potato skins
  • Any chemicals including cleaning chemicals
  • Seafood and seafood shells
  • Grease and cooking oils
  • And many more

Because of the number of food scraps that get thrown away in your garbage disposal regularly, it is very possible that the leftover food can rot inside the pipe, causing that gross odor we have all smelled before and pests to accumulate in or around your kitchen. Along with being mindful of the waste that goes down your disposal, it is crucial that regular maintenance and inspections be scheduled so that a brand new system does not have to be installed later on down the line. Keeping up with routine cleaning can save you time and money and helps keep your home clean from the inside out. 

Meanwhile, if your garbage disposal has been improperly used or damaged it may be best to replace it. Here are some signs that it might be time for a repair or total replacement;

  • There is a lingering odor coming from the disposal unit
  • Pests have shown up near the unit or in the kitchen
  • Frequent clogs 
  • Water leaking from pipes under the sink
  • Garbage disposal no longer breaks up food waste
  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Garbage disposal no longer turns on
  • You have had the unit for around eight to fifteen years

It is always a good idea to look to replace your garbage disposal unit every decade or so; the specific time range for repairs or replacement installation will vary depending on the upkeep of each unit. With routine inspections and upkeep, we can provide you with accurate information on how your garbage disposal is looking, whether or not it needs to be repaired, or if you should look at a new replacement entirely. Here at Pristine Plumbing, we install new garbage disposals along with repairing your existing ones and help you get a new one set up, even if the sink didn’t have one before. Regardless of where you’re at, Pristine Plumbing has experts for garbage disposal repair, replacement, and installation!

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If you’re a homeowner in Kent or anywhere in King County and you’re interested in having your existing garbage disposal repaired, you may reach out to Pristine Plumbing anytime. We’ve been serving the area for years and have become a favorite among homeowners and business owners in and out of Kent, WA.


Your garbage disposal unit may encounter unforeseen problems at times you least expect it, so it’s always better to keep an emergency plumbing team on speed dial. Good thing, Pristine Plumbing offers 24/7 plumbing service which also covers fixing your garbage disposal unit. We also fix a variety of plumbing problems including clogged drains, leaky faucets, and more.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance Kent

Your home in Kent needs a professional team to always keep your plumbing system in check. Whether it be to clear out your clogged water lines or garbage disposal replacement, we got everything covered. Our phone lines are open at all times to receive your call for any plumbing-related help needed inside your home.

Just always make sure that you’re on the lookout for any early signs and symptoms of an impending garbage waste disposal system repair service. When you notice any humming sound coming from your garbage disposal or notice any problem with waste going down the drain, it might be time for you to consult with Pristine Plumbing to get to the bottom of it and have it fixed at once.

If you are in need of garbage disposal repair or maintenance in Kent or King County please call us today!

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