If a kitchen, bathroom or sewer drain in your home becomes clogged it can become at the least a mild inconvenience, or at the worst a catastrophe. Just one clogged sink may be manageable for a time, but if another clog happens in a more problematic spot it can cause backups, flooding and permanent damage to your home. This is why we recommend preventative maintenance and quickly addressing any clogs that happen in your home. Pristine Plumbing offers highly qualified drain cleaning services in Puyallup, Washington to help keep your home in working order!

clean drain puyallup

Clean Sink Drain Puyallup

While a slow or blocked drain in one part of your home may not seem like an urgent thing to fix, cleaning it now will help lengthen the life of the drain and your home’s entire plumbing system. It will also get you back to living your life normally, instead of having to avoid using a sink or toilet in your home for weeks or months while you put it off. Even if there’s no risk of severe backups or flooding, a clogged drain may begin to smell as the material stuck in it rots. The drain experts of Pristine Plumbing are your best bet when you need unclogging services or inspection.

We are fully licensed for drain inspection, cleaning, repair and replacement throughout any part of your home. If a shower drain is clogged with hair, or your kitchen sink isn’t draining because of excess food getting stuck, we can help get it flowing again and recommend ways to prevent it happening again with proper maintenance and practices. We don’t just do the job carelessly and leave as fast as possible, we’ll make sure it’s not going to happen again and clean up any mess made by our hydro jetting or other cleaning tools.

Cleanout Drain Puyallup

If your Puyallup house has a drain that has become clogged, Pristine Plumbing is your local reliable plumber that has your back. Our consultations and drain work are always conducted with urgency, professionalism and care by our technicians and plumbing experts. We always recommend getting drains cleaned properly to make sure you aren’t wasting water unnecessarily, causing damage to your home, or having to be stressed by not being able to use one of your home’s sinks.

 We have many different tools and methods to use for drain cleaning depending on the severity of the issue. From hydro jetting, to snaking, or simple rodding, we will identify the proper method for your situation to remove limescale buildup, hair, grease or other foreign debris and prevent it from clogging again. Every home is different so we always take care to evaluate all factors and use the right tool for the scenario.

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