If you own a home and have ever gotten a clogged sink or drain, you know how much trouble this simple problem can cause for you. Whether it’s an overflow of food, waste, or tangled hair, or an item that went down the drain that shouldn’t have, a clog will cause backflow of water that can at least be an inconvenience, and at worst can cause flooding and damage to your home. The pipe may also be damaged or at least become more time-consuming to repair if you try to force the clog farther down the pipe with more and more water and hope it clears, especially if you’re not using a snake or a substance to help break the clog down. If you’ve been dealing with a clogged drain, we are happy to step in and help make sure that the drain is cleared and diagnose whether any additional repairs are needed. We always recommend that homeowners address any small clogs before they get worse, as a minor or partial blockage can sometimes be easily solved with home remedies. However if you don’t have the time or expertise to try different solutions, or if the clog is severe, we recommend calling a plumber so the problem can be resolved correctly. We offer expert drain cleaning and plumbing services in Burien that will help get your home back to the condition it should be to keep your family safe.

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Clean Sink Drain Burien

If you have several sinks to use in your home and one clogs, it may seem easier temporarily to avoid it and just use other sinks for a while. However, leaving a clogged drain the way it is means that if you have a guest or someone in your home briefly forgets that the sink or drain isn’t working, they may worsen the clog and make it into a bigger problem than it would have been to just fix originally. Meanwhile even if you aren’t currently using the sink, a clog may be worse by the time you get back to it depending on what substance has caused it as some things may start to solidify over time and only become more difficult to clear out. It may also cause erosion in the pipe if it’s an acidic substance, which can cause leaks if the pipe lining is compromised and a much more significant problem. Finally, even if nothing worsens with that clog, if another bath or sink in your home clogs up you’ll now have two unavailable and your family’s health may suffer, or at least be made less convenient to maintain. It’s always best to call your local Burien drain experts Pristine Plumbing so we can diagnose the issue and make sure your drain is clean, unblocked, and in good condition to last for many more years.

Cleanout Drain Burien

Each of our plumbers have the knowledge, expertise and tools to clean out just about any drain or pipe no matter the issue. Sometimes a simple snake may be required, or the job may require a more complex solution. We’ll be able to take care of it and recommend options for making sure your drain will be properly working for many years going forward. Whether it’s hydro-jetting, rodding or dissolving the clog, we’ll make it right and clean up any leftover mess so you’re good to go.

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