Hot water is an essential staple of homes everywhere in the world. Most people don’t think of what would happen if their hot water ran out and they had to wait for their appliance to be replaced. With the winters here, it is essential that your Puyallup home is producing hot water efficiently in order to avoid any mishaps in the future. There are many ways to get hot water in your home, but ask any doctor or health expert and they’ll say having some method for heating water available is very important. Whether it’s a water heater, boiler, or Insta-hot in your kitchen, you need hot water available for bathing and showering, cooking and cleaning, and much more. If your water heater is only getting hot water to some of the fixtures in your home, is slow to provide that hot water or you’re afraid to use it because it seems unstable, you and your family’s health will be at risk because it’ll be harder to clean and cook properly. If your boiler shows signs of malfunction or it no longer works properly, this is an indication that it may be beyond time for a repair and need replacement. Regular maintenance and inspections of your boiler can help prevent this from happening and save you money down the line instead of purchasing a brand new unit. This is where Pristine Plumbing’s technicians come in: we can make sure your boiler, water heater, or Insta-hot is working properly or replace it if the appliance or fixture is beyond repair. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable with boiler installation and are here to provide you with the best and most affordable option.

An outdated or damaged boiler may have a higher risk of failure than a comparable modern version, even if it seems to work okay for now. The average boiler lifespan can be anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five years, depending on the upkeep and maintenance that has been performed on it already. We are highly knowledgeable about boilers and the modern standards that are best to keep to, along with current Puyallup, Pierce County, and Washington requirements, so you can both stay safe and also stay within the law. Many boilers around a decade ago were installed improperly or were not strapped on correctly. Old water heaters and boilers may not be mounted or installed correctly according to current safety standards, so if we notice that your boiler isn’t mounted correctly we’ll take care of that too. Even if your current boiler is functioning properly, it is always the best idea to schedule an inspection on any previously acquired appliance to ensure the functionality of your home as a whole. a new boiler will likely be much more efficient at heating water quickly and safely, and reduce your monthly PSE bill by a lot. Whatever the reason for replacement, we are here to help you out and recommend the best option for replacement for your home, family, and budget!

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Boiler Installation Puyallup

Our boiler technicians are highly knowledgeable about all brands and models so we can help recommend the best option for replacement. If you already have a boiler purchased and know it’s a good fit we’ll be happy to just install it for you, but if you need help choosing one or are concerned that the one you picked won’t work right for your home’s setup, we will be able to help evaluate the situation and recommend what will be best. We’ll remove the old boiler if you had one that needed replacing, install the new one correctly according to local residential or commercial law and confirm that the whole system is working excellently before we leave. We always clean up after we finish and leave your home in better shape than when we arrived

We also double-check all boiler components and related hookups before finishing the installation and calling it a day. We’ll make sure to inspect your flue pipe, pilot light, and any other connections to the boiler to ensure that it is set up properly and has the necessary power to run and heat water efficiently and safely. We guarantee that we test out everything we install, but if for any reason there are persisting issues after we perform the service for you, we will promptly send out a technician to make sure that everything is working great.

Boiler Install Puyallup

All of our Pristine Plumbing technicians have at least several years of experience in boiler replacement, along with water heaters, Insta-hot systems and much more. All of our technicians have undergone thorough training and have hands-on experience with the most simple installation to a heavy duty replacement. We possess knowledge of all kinds of boiler brands, styles, and price points so we can recommend the best option for your personal household needs. Every person is different in their preferences and lifestyle, and we take pride in serving our customers with an array of knowledge and recommendations so we promise that you will find exactly what you are looking for and more. We understand how important these overlooked appliances can be to the safety and well-being of you and your family. Your comfort should not be something that is left out of the big picture! With the purchase of a new boiler, you can rest assured that we will install the new boiler properly and efficiently to ensure that it functions as it should for decades in your home. Your Puyallup home will have hot water available for these cold Washington winters and your family will have exactly what they need, exactly at the time they need it. You can read our reviews online on our website to see why we are the trusted option for many Puyallup homeowners. If you need a new boiler installed or want to inquire about estimates, call us at Pristine Plumbing today!

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