You may be able to get by with just a hot water kettle briefly if needed, but ask any Kent homeowner and they’ll tell you that not having hot water available in your sinks, shower and bath is rough. Doctors and health experts will also always tell you that hot water is necessary for washing your hands and cleaning yourself with soap, as lukewarm or cold water simply doesn’t work as well as combining hot water and soap. Whether you have a standard or tankless water heater, boiler, or Insta-hot or any combination of those, you and your family need to have hot water available for cooking, bathing, cleaning and hand-washing. If the boiler in your home is only making hot water after a long delay, runs out quickly, or isn’t working at all, your health will be at risk and you will be reliant on other ways to sanitize that aren’t as good. Our technicians can diagnose your existing boiler and help determine if it needs repair or replacement.

boiler replacement kent

If your boiler is getting old or has been damaged from years of use, it will have a higher risk of failure than a comparable modern boiler or water heater. Even if it’s functioning acceptably for now, it may not stay that way for long. Our Pristine Plumbing technicians are extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified about all kinds of water heaters, boilers and Insta-Hot systems so we can help recommend the best course of action and do the repair or replacement quickly. We are well-versed in current Kent and King County requirements for water heaters and boilers, and will help you make sure your setup is as safe as possible and within regulations. Even if your boiler is working well, it may not be installed in a safe way that will prevent it being damaged in an earthquake so we’ll help make sure your heater or boiler is mounted properly. Meanwhile, even if your boiler is working just fine and seems to have years ahead of it, a brand new one will be far more energy efficient and save you money on your energy bills going forward. We can help recommend the best model for your home!

Boiler Repair Kent

Each Pristine Plumbing technician has extensive experience and knowledge of water heater and boiler styles and brands. If your boiler is beyond repair or you just prefer to get a new one, we’ll help recommend the best option and can also pick up the one you want to bring in for installation so you don’t have to make a hardware store run. If you already have a boiler as well, we’ll be happy to install it for you but will also make sure it is installed exactly to specification so it will work exactly as it should. If you’re unsure about whether the one you bought will be best, we’ll evaluate it for your home and help you make the decision. We’ll take out the old boiler or heater and take it away for you, and install the new one perfectly and to regulations. Finally we’ll test the system and clean up before we take off, so you have nothing else to do except enjoy your new setup.

Boiler Service Kent

Every staff member at Pristine Plumbing is highly knowledgeable about plumbing, water heaters, sewers, drains and all kinds of other plumbing issues that you may have. We are a local, family-owned business and our goal is to be your trustworthy, local plumbing company that you can always call first for any needs you have. You can check out our online reviews to see that we are already the plumber of choice for many Kent families, and we would love to be yours as well. If you need a new water heater or boiler, call us at Pristine Plumbing today!

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