If you’ve ever had a hot water heater break down or stop working in your home, apartment complex or business, you’ll agree with us that having hot water available is very important and difficult to get by without. Only having cold showers available is no good, especially in cold Bonney Lake winters, plus hot water is needed for running your dishwasher and washing machine. Finally, while washing your hands with cold water is better than nothing, hot water and soap is the best way to keep your Pierce County home or business sanitary and germ free. Whether your water heater has stopped working completely, or is just getting less reliable over time, Pristine Plumbing can help replace the heater and ensure that the new one will last for many years to come. 

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Hot Water Heater Replacement Bonney Lake

If you’re unsure about whether you need to have your water heater replaced soon, here are some questions to consider.

Has it been 8-12 years since your water heater was last replaced? While water heaters will sometimes last for much longer, it’s common that typical water heaters will begin having issues after about 8-12 years, depending on the style, brand and how much it was used. Even if your water heater is working okay, newer heaters are generally much more energy efficient and potentially longer lasting as well. This means that it may be worth it to upgrade to a new water heater even if your existing one is still functional, due to the savings in energy bills and peace of mind that having a new one will bring. 

Are you happy with the way your water heater works for your home or business? Traditional water heaters with large tanks are a perfectly fine option for some homes and businesses, but they can be wasteful due to heating up water that is stored and not used, plus if you use all the hot water it can take a long time to create more. A large tank can be great if it’s big enough that you will rarely or never use all of the hot water, but are still using hot water frequently throughout the day. However a new option is available nowadays, which is the tankless water heater style. These heaters can be powered by electricity or natural gas, and are extremely efficient as they only heat up water when you need it, and do it very quickly. They may be more expensive than traditional styles depending on what you’re needing to get, but a tankless option can be a far superior option in some cases. 

Water Heater Installation Bonney Lake

Your family or employees will greatly appreciate the efficiency and power of a new water heater, whether it’s the traditional large tank style or a more modern tankless model. We’ll ensure that the heater is mounted properly for earthquake safety according to Washington law and that your power and water lines making the heater work are all in good condition, so you don’t get let down by a bad pipe that fails shortly after we leave. Don’t wait until your heater fails completely or put off getting hot water back in your home, call Pristine Plumbing Services today to schedule your water heater replacement!