Anytime that an underground system has a failure, the assumption is that the repair will be expensive, lengthy and inconvenient. This has generally been true of underground plumbing pipes for a very long time, even since the first sewer systems were invented in Rome. In the event of a failure due to poor materials deteriorating, or an earthquake causing critical damage, or tree roots growing into and through a pipe, historically there have been few options that aren’t time consuming and difficult. However, there is a new repair technique that Pristine Plumbing in Pierce County utilizes that in many cases allows us to repair sewer systems in a far less invasive, and much faster way. This method is “trenchless” sewer repair. 

trenchless sewer repair bonney lake

For many decades in the United States and even farther back in other advanced nations throughout history, sewer pipes in need of repair had to be replaced by first digging large trenches that allowed full access to the pipes. If the pipes happened to be under a lawn, garden or flowerbed that meant your beautiful natural area would have to be essentially destroyed in the process of repair, with no other options. 

Trenchless Pipe Repair Bonney Lake

The reason “trenchless” sewer repair is defined that way is because of having to dig trenches that take time to dig and refill later, we can now dig a much smaller hole that’s just large enough for our advanced trenchless equipment to access the pipe. We then can reline the pipe that has had a leak or failure with strong PVC piping, even if the existing pipe has partially or mostly failed. We can also run brand new lines this way as well. While trenchless sewer repair isn’t always viable depending on the severity of the the sewer breakdown, for many sewer repair needs trenchless methods are a wallet and time saver!

Our technicians at Pristine Plumbing would love to help explain if trenchless sewer repair is a good option for your pipe or water main leak in Bonney Lake. We typically need to either come out and visit to give you an estimate (often with using our sewer scope tools to investigate how bad the damage is as that affects what services will need to be used.) If you do already have a sewer scope video to review, we’d be happy to take a look as well as that may tell us what we need to know to give a first bid. 

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Bonney Lake

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