While a clog in a single sink or appliance may only affect that specific drain in your home, a clogged sewer line can potentially cause every single drain in your Bonney Lake home to back up. At worst sewage can even actively flow back up out of clogged drains, adding damage and nasty smells to the inconvenience of not being able to use your sinks, shower or dishwasher. There are many causes that can lead to a sewer line becoming clogged, but regardless of the reason a blocked sewer line must be taken care of to prevent damage to your home, avoid further damage to the sewer line itself, and allow you to use your appliances again.

Some of these common occurrences include debris or objects that are too large for the line getting stuck farther down, and tree roots growing into the sewer lines underground and damaging them while blocking the flow as well. A build up of grease, hair or food can also occur even if no individual object is too large as small, sticky items can become attached to each other and become one large clog. No matter what happened to cause your sewer line to fail or clog up, we can help to identify the issue, remove it and fix the sewer as necessary. 

Sewer Repair Bonney Lake

Sewer Line Repair Bonney Lake

You may be able to take care of a single sink clog yourself with a small snake, or drain cleaning substances available from the hardware store, but when it comes to a severe sewer clog or leak, you should always call a licensed plumber who has the proper licensing, tools and insurance to fix the issue rather than doing it yourself or asking a friend. It’s too risky to do work on these kinds of issues without the proper insurance and tools, and a temporary fix may not be sufficient to keep the line from failing again. Please call us at Pristine Plumbing or another qualified plumbing company in Pierce County if you have sewer issues. Depending on what happened to your sewer and how severe any damage to it is, there are many different levels of repair and clearing that can help. First we will typically scope out the sewer pipe to determine the level of damage and the likely cause, and then discuss your options with you.

Sewer Pipe Repair Bonney Lake

If it’s just a bad clog but the pipe is not compromised, we may be able to clear it out using hydro jetting to blast it out with high pressure water and need no other work to be done. Meanwhile if the pipe has been damaged, we can often perform trenchless sewer repair after clearing a clog out. This process involves having a small hole dug to let us access the pipe, and carefully reline the broken pipe section with new PVC piping so the pipe can flow properly with no leaks. This is often the best solution for pipes with minor to moderate damage as we can perform it relatively quickly and the process is minimally invasive. Finally, if the pipe is completely destroyed and cannot be relined or repaired, we can provide full sewer repair and completely replace the pipes. This is the last resort option as it requires digging out the pipe so we can access it by hand, and takes much more time. Unfortunately in some cases this is necessary, but we will only recommend this if there is no other, more cost-effective option.

Please call Pristine Plumbing at (253) 243-2214 if you have a sewer problem so we can come see it and help you determine what needs to be done.