Over years of continued use, it’s likely that your main water line or sewer line could become clogged at some point. Whether it’s because an item went down the drain that shouldn’t have and has caused a clog, or extreme Washington weather conditions that have flooded your system and caused it to back up, sometimes a line needs to be cleared with more than just a long snake. This is especially true for the longest of pipes going from your home to the city water system, as even snakes that are hundreds of feet long may be unable to reach far enough. We offer hydro jetting services that can clear heavily clogged drains with powerful water flow and will cost less than pipe replacement or repair.

hydrojetting bonney lake

Hydro Jet Bonney Lake

If your pipes are in good working condition and are clogged because of other issues that don’t require repair, it’s often best to use non-destructive methods like hydrojetting that will clear the drain out and allow you to use it for many more years to come. If you have a residence or business in Bonney Lake and your toilets or sinks aren’t draining properly, it’s likely that a hydrojetting service will help fix the problem. Pristine Plumbing is the neighborhood plumber to call for this service and many others in Bonney Lake and Pierce County!

If your appliances are draining slowly but are still functional for now, it’s likely that the issue will only get worse without intervention. Even if it’s just a small clog, it’s rare that it will resolve itself before it grows larger or moves farther down the line, becoming harder to deal with later and more likely to cause damage as well. A small clog may not be too much of an inconvenience right now, but if it gets worse it can both cause much worse backups that can damage your home’s interior, and potentially lead to pipes failing or breaking when the clog becomes too large which will cost far more to repair than a snaking or jetting service now.

Hydrojet Sewer Line Bonney Lake

All of our technicians at Pristine Plumbing are qualified and licensed for hydro jet equipment use and general drain clearing work. While a small clog may be clearable with home tools like snakes or drain cleaning fluid, if the clog isn’t resolving with those solutions we recommend leaving any more difficult or dangerous methods to a licensed plumber. Even if you’re able to find a way to clear the clog, the average homeowner doesn’t have the proper equipment to clear the worst clogs without risk of injury, or at the least risk of damaging your home further in the process. We can not only ensure that your lines are draining properly and in great working order, but do so without making a mess or damaging your home’s fixtures. We can help diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution for your wallet and peace of mind. Call Pristine Plumbing today for service in Bonney Lake and Pierce County!