Natural gas is one of the most commonly used energy sources in the United States, and there's many good reasons for that. Being relatively inexpensive, widely available to most homeowners, and having relatively low emissions compared to other fossil fuel sources, means that this source of energy is great for many applications. Puget Sound Energy provides gas to most homeowners in the Bonney Lake and Pierce County area, and has important regulations to follow before you install new gas lines to ensure safety. We are licensed and trained for gas line repairs and maintenance, and can make sure that your gas lines are in proper working order. Natural gas is generally not harmful if it leaks outside, but a leak in an enclosed space can become a fire or explosion hazard if the percentage of gas in the air becomes too high. 

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Having a carbon monoxide detector is more important than having a natural gas detector, but we recommend having both to ensure that any gas leak you have in the home is found out right away so you can have the gas shut off before it becomes an issue. A licensed gas plumber can repair your pipes and inspect your others for any leaks or points where failure is likely to happen soon, and ensure that the gas lines in your home are safe and up to code.

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We always recommend working with a licensed gas line plumber when you're concerned about a leak or damage to your gas lines. It's not a good idea to do it yourself if you don't have the proper training and licensing, as it's both potentially dangerous with the wrong equipment and you may not be able to properly fix the issue anyway. We always tell anyone who isn't a gas line plumber themselves to work with an expert, whether it's us or another company. 

The gas plumbers at Pristine Plumbing use special equipment to determine where a gas leak is coming from, and to repair it carefully or replace the pipe section that has failed entirely if needed. We are not out to nickel and dime you, and will be transparent about whether your gas leak needs simple minor repairs, or more substantial replacement once we inspect it. 

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We can also handle the permits and legal needs you have with Puget Sound Energy so that your gas lines are up to code and safe by their standards and Washington law as well. We use the best materials and tools for gas line repair, ensuring that you won't suffer future leaks just because of a cheaply produced pipe section that won't hold up, or because we didn't tighten a bolt properly.

Our Bonney Lake gas plumbers are highly qualified and experienced, and we are your neighborhood plumbing company that is family-owned, trustworthy and reliable. We would love to help with your natural gas needs whether you need new lines or repairs on existing ones.