Gas lines supplying natural gas are one of the best energy sources you can choose in Pierce County, due to its low cost and high efficiency. While many homes already have natural gas hooked up to them with Puget Sound Energy systems in the area, some homes may still need their initial setup done, or perhaps you have gas but want to add additional lines for new appliances like a furnace, gas range, or tankless water heater. Gas line piping requires special licensing so not all plumbers can provide it, but Pristine Plumbing Services’ technicians are both licensed and insured for gas line installation and repair in Bonney Lake and know all of the PSE regulations and permitting needed for new gas lines to be properly set up.

gas line installation bonney lake

If you are interested in upgrading your home with a new tankless, natural gas powered water heater that will get you hot water immediately and only use energy when you need it, or purchasing a high quality gas range that will help you cook meals faster and with more consistency, Pristine Plumbing can help you run the new lines you need to support these appliances. These kinds of upgrades not only make your home more comfortable, but also increase its resale value down the road. Let’s not forget the high efficiency of natural gas either, as natural gas is generally pretty cheap in terms of monthly costs and wastes little energy compared to other power sources. This means that your appliances work faster with less total energy used, which is good for your wallet, your time, and the environment. 

Gas Piping Bonney Lake

Our expert gas line technicians are here to help you if you’re unsure of whether you can get a gas line installed in the place you want a new appliance, or how to get gas from Puget Sound Energy running to your home in the first place. We can help you take care of permitting requirements, find the best routing for new gas lines for safety and efficiency, and answer the questions you have as we provide a bid for the work. We are transparent with pricing so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re being nickel and dimed, and treat all our customers like family. As your local neighborhood plumber in Bonney Lake, we want to be your first choice for gas line and plumbing needs every time.  

Gas Pipe Installation Bonney Lake

While we are family-owned and local, we don’t skimp on quality and professionalism. Our plumbers are highly skilled and qualified for all sorts of plumbing, gas line and sewer work and are fully insured so you never have to worry about legal trouble. You can trust us to be honest, hard working, and ethical in all situations and put your needs first, while ensuring that you are up to code and that you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety. Especially with natural gas, there is little room for error and we always recommend working with us or another licensed gas line plumber rather than trying to make repairs or run a new line yourself. We’ll save you time and money while ensuring that you stay safe, and don’t get in trouble for improper installation. Call us today at (253) 243-2214!