Emergency is a scary word, even in the realm of something like “plumbing” which may not be as immediately life threatening as it would be in other contexts, but is certainly a concern for your wallet and time. No one wants to find out that they have a flooding basement because of a bad water leak, or that the toilets in their business bathroom are all clogged causing problems for customers. Unfortunately these kinds of situations do occur even with the best planning, and it’s best to keep Pristine Plumbing in mind as your first go-to for plumbing emergency needs. We can quickly provide excellent emergency services, and recommend other plumbers to go to if we can’t make it out soon enough so that you can get your issue resolved ASAP. We are a family-owned, highly trusted plumbing provider servicing Bonney Lake with a very wide range of experience and services, which means that it’s very likely that we have the equipment and knowledge to fix your emergency efficiently and rapidly.

Emergency Plumbing Bonney Lake

Emergency Plumbing Services Bonney Lake

The most important thing to do as soon as you notice that there is a severe plumbing emergency, in most cases, is to turn off the water coming to your home or business as soon as possible. This applies whether the issue is a massive leak, or if you have a severe clog as either way having water continuing to run through your pipes will only make the problem worse. Usually you can find your main water turnoff at the street level in your lawn, although if you live in a condo or duplex or have a business that is within a larger building, you may want to check where the main water shutoff is at. Meanwhile if the issue is still severe but you can tell that it’s more localized, you may be able to get away with shutting off the water to your sink or toilet specifically. Our schedulers will let you know when our technicians can make it to your home, and they will be equipped to handle your emergency no matter what it might be. We’ll take care of stopping any further damage or problems immediately, and then discuss your options with you before proceeding to work on repairing your sewer, replacing your water heater, or whatever is left to do to get your home running like it was before. Our goal is to ease the stress you are experiencing with the plumbing emergency you have, as quickly as possible and make sure the issue is fully repaired and your home is clean before we leave. 

24 Hour Plumber Bonney Lake

While it would be great if plumbing emergencies only happened during regular work hours, it’s just as likely that you will have a emergency at 2 am on a Saturday as any other time. We do our best to take calls at all times of the day and night and will do what we can to get out to you as soon as possible, and even if we can’t make it out as soon as you need we can refer you to other great service companies and give you tips about where to find your water shutoffs if you need. Call us today for plumbing needs in Pierce County!