Grease Trap Repair Seattle

Ever encountered problems with your grease trap lately? If you own a business within the Seattle area, particularly in the restaurant and food industry, you’ll have to consistently maintain your grease traps. The local government suggests that a business should maintain the level of fats, grease, and oils (FOGs) in their grease traps to be at around 25 per cent at all times. This is the default level in case the manufacturer of the receptor didn’t set any specifications for you.

grease trap repair seattle

If you ever start experiencing a backup caused by your malfunctioning receptor, the city recommends that your services be closed immediately and to contact the Seattle-King County Public Health office as soon as possible. This might cause serious health issues, not to mention loss of revenue on your part. As a business owner, this can be a lot to deal with.

To avoid running into any concerns that might be caused by a backed up sewer or a malfunctioning receptor, a grease trap repair should be performed at the earliest sign of a problem. Pristine Plumbing of the King County area performs just that and more. All you have to do is call us and we’ll assess the problem immediately.

Commercial Grease Trap Seattle

Grease traps are an important part of the commercial sewer system of a food-related business. As the contraption helps gather the dirt and waste that go through the drains of your kitchen for proper disposal, it helps lessen the environmental effects the wastewater might contribute to the city. Having grease traps effectively helps us maintain the water filtration system that the city has installed to clean out wastewater coming from various sources in the city.

You might be wondering how one cleans out the grease trap so it stays in its tip top shape all the time. To do this, you must first remove the lid slowly to avoid any damage it may cause to the gaskets attached to it. You then have to take out the grease from your receptor, making sure that you scrape the sides and the bottom are cleaned out as well. Place them all in a trash bag, and then scrub the insides of the interceptor to keep it clean. After that properly dispose of the grease collected by securing the trash bag and placing it in a dumpster.

These simple steps are required to keep your existing grease traps functioning properly. If, in any case, you’ve already done everything and still need to have it repaired, our team of experienced commercial plumbers will be there to help you.

Grease Trap Replacement Seattle

Pristine Plumbing has been a household name in the King County area for years now, thanks to our proven track record and our expertise built by years of experience in the business. We are happy to help you with the following plumbing repairs:

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