Grease Trap Installation Puyallup

If you have a restaurant, catering business or other kitchen setup requiring industrial grade equipment, there is a good chance you have a grease trap in your kitchen to catch excess fats, oils and grease. Even homes where there is just a lot of cooking done every day because of large families living there, or frequent parties hosted there, can benefit from having a grease trap. If you don't have a grease trap to help keep fat and grease out of the wastewater system when you're cooking lots of food or doing other work that produces a lot of oils and grease, your main water lines can quickly become clogged. These tools are great for preventing larger sewer problems for your business, but only as long as they aren't overflowing themselves and are able to prevent grease from getting into the main water lines. This means that regular grease trap maintenance and service are an important thing to schedule regularly, to ensure that you don't suddenly find yourself in a situation where all of your pipes are clogged and nothing will drain. Pristine Plumbing Services now offers grease trap installation, repair and replacement services, and we'd love to schedule an appointment with you so you can have peace of mind about your kitchen staying in top working order. 

grease trap cleaning puyallup

Commercial Grease Trap Installation Puyallup

It's often recommended that an average restaurant should have their grease trap checked 2-3 times a year. Depending on the volume of cooking done at the restaurant and the types of food that are made, this can vary quite a bit but no grease trap can hold an infinite amount of grease. Obviously a restaurant specializing in healthy, low oil and fat options will have less fat and grease coming through, while a restaurant offering deep fried dishes will obviously have a lot more oil being used and dumped every day. No matter what kind of food or item is being made, there will always be at least a little bit of oil, fat or grease and that means the grease trap will always need to be serviced or replaced eventually. 

Grease Trap Replacement Puyallup

If you are worried that your grease trap is on the brink and needs repair or replacement, please give Pristine Plumbing a call to schedule a work order. We'd love to take care of your grease trap issue!