Grease Trap Installation Federal Way

If you own a business in Federal Way that deals with handling food like cafes, restaurants, hotels, and the like, you probably have considered getting a grease trap installed. These are containers installed to your establishment’s pipe system in order for the wastewater and fat, oil, and grease (FOG) to separate before the wastewater makes its way to the public sewer lines. Grease traps are an essential component when it comes to your business’ waste management, especially as cities typically have regulations when it comes to handling such wastes.

Pristine Plumbing offers grease trap installation and replacement services in the King County area. As a business with years of experience under our belt, we are confident that we have all the tools and knowledge needed to address any plumbing related problems and concerns. Our professional plumbers are always available to service your plumbing needs, especially since we know such problems can arise without any warning at all.

If you are planning to establish a business and install a grease trap or you feel like your residence needs one, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be right there to assist you.

Commercial Grease Trap Installation Federal Way

You might be wondering exactly what the best grease trap is for your establishment. There are a few factors that you have to consider when picking out the best grease trap for your business.


One of the things that you should consider first is your capacity to invest in having a grease trap installed. Automatic grease traps are typically a bigger investment than manual ones, so it’s always best to prepare for it beforehand. Performance and efficiency also comes into play when you’re considering which ones to buy. The manual grease trap, along with the gravity grease trap requires extra hands with its operations as they do not have a sort of self-cleaning technology unlike the automatic ones. The size of your business can also affect your decision when picking a grease trap. Manual grease traps are usually found in residential areas. On the other hand, gravity grease traps are usually found in bigger set ups and operate on high-flow applications.

If you are still unsure which ones to purchase, you can definitely reach out to our team of professional plumbers to discuss this. They will be able to help you determine the best possible option by considering the sizing of the establishment as well as its design.

Our team also always makes sure that we have all the necessary permits and documentation before we operate, which is very important when dealing with any plumbing related repairs and services.

Grease Trap Replacement Federal Way

Aside from working on grease traps, we can also work on any repairs that involve the plumbing system installed in your homes and offices. If you have any broken pipes, heaters that need to be repaired, gas lines that need to be checked, or clogged drains, you can give us a call. We serve all over King County!