Grease Trap Installation Bonney Lake

Waste disposal is one of the world’s biggest issues today. With tons of waste being dumped by different establishments on a daily basis, it is imperative that we find a safe and effective way to handle all the waste that we produce, including the ones we dispose of in our water system.

For businesses that handle oil, fat, and grease such as food establishments or the hospitality industry, having a grease trap installed in their system is a must. With grease traps, there’s no need to worry about grease, oil, and fat getting into the pipes installed in the plumbing system which may eventually clog and block it. This also ensures that the businesses are able to follow through with the city’s rules when it comes to proper waste disposal.

Grease traps help ensure a cleaner and safer environment. If you want to have one installed, you can reach out to Pristine Plumbing here in Bonney Lake. We’re a team of professional plumbers ready to address any plumbing-related issues and installations you might want to have.

Commercial Grease Trap Installation Bonney Lake

Grease traps can either be installed in residential or commercial areas. The only difference is that residential grease traps are smaller than those installed in commercial ones. Residential areas typically install the manual or automatic grease traps, depending on the capacity of the owners to invest in a device.

Automatic grease traps, as the name suggests, do not have to be cleaned and supervised at all times. It has a mechanism that heats up and skims through the grease collected by the system so it can be disposed of properly. As for the mechanical grease trap, you’ll have to enlist the help of a service that specializes in removing grease from the system.

Easily described as a bigger manual grease trap, the gravity grease trap is usually found in bigger establishments. They are better used for higher flow applications and utilizes gravity to separate the debris that come with wastewater. Just like the manual grease trap, a gravity grease trap will need to be cleaned on a regular basis by a grease management service.

Grease Trap Replacement Bonney Lake

Grease trap installation and replacement is only one among the services offered by Pristine Plumbing in the Pierce County area. We can also help you with the following plumbing related problems and services:

  • Indoor and outdoor water leak
  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Hydrojetting
  • Water heater replacement and installation
  • Gas leak detection

With our team’s combined experiences spanning years, we are confident that we can give you top notch service, no matter what your plumbing needs might be. Our team has serviced countless houses and businesses in the Pierce County area and are looking forward to helping you, too! Just call us and we’ll be there. We offer emergency plumbing services as well, knowing full well that plumbing incidents can just come without any warning at all.

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