Long-lasting and safe gas lines are very important to have in your Burien home. For your gas stove, furnace, fireplace or other appliance powered by natural gas, a strong and whole line is necessary for safety and efficiency. An unnoticed leak in a gas line can be very problematic due to flammable gas being out in the open air, while a clogged or damaged gas line may result in your appliance not getting the fuel it needs to work properly even if there is no leak.

Thankfully modern homes in Burien are required to have carbon monoxide detectors, and natural gas always has an additional odor added so that it won’t go unnoticed if a leak occurs. However while you may be grateful to know that a leak has occurred and that you need to shut off your gas line, the rotten egg smell will likely ruin your day! We always recommend careful maintenance for your gas lines to ensure that no leaks are there and that the line isn’t compromised in some way. If a leak has already occurred or some damage to a gas line is likely to cause one, call us at Pristine Plumbing to get the issue resolved.

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Gas Line Installation Burien

Not every plumber is able or qualified to offer to gas line installation and repair services, so Pristine Plumbing is somewhat unique in this area of Burien and King County. We are licensed for all kinds of gas line services for King County and Washington state, and have both extensive training and experience for all our technicians so that we can perform gas services quickly and safely for you. These are some of the services we provide on a daily basis for Burien homeowners:

Gas Leak Testing: Our certified Burien plumbers will use special tools to check your complete gas system, both outdoors and indoors for any areas where gas is in the open air. We can also open up gas lines that are accessible without digging or demo work, and pressure test them to ensure that gas can pass through without escaping or getting blocked halfway.

Gas Leak Detection: If you already know that a leak has occurred but aren’t sure where in your home is leaking, we’ll use our expertise and equipment to narrow down where the leak has happened. After finding the leak and what caused it, the Pristine Plumbing technician will recommend repair or replacement options.

Gas Leak Repair: Permits are often required for many cities, especially in high population areas like Burien. We will take care of the permitting needs and thereby ensure that you will be safe through the entire process, both from any gas related health issues or from any scrutiny from the city. For many jobs, a city or county inspector will need to come in afterwards to confirm that the work was done correctly, and your gas provider company may want to check as well.

Gas Leak Repair Burien

If we find that other parts of your gas system are not up to Burien or King County code, we will let you know before we finish our work as once the inspector arrives they will likely require you to have it updated. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate of how much that would cost and then do the work if you are required to update by the city.

We also use high quality tools and materials for our gas line work, so that you don’t have to worry about cheap materials failing after we fix a pipe. There’s no room for error for natural gas and propane lines, so we don’t allow for errors or faulty materials to get in our way.

Pristine Plumbing is proud to be the most trusted local gas line, plumbing and sewer experts here in Burien. We love being part of the greater Seattle and Tacoma community and are always here to offer advice for anyone needing plumbing help in the area. Please call us today if you have a gas line need!