One of the riskiest problems to have at home is a leaking gas line. Unfortunately, it can also be one that’s hard to detect by yourself. Sometimes, homeowners notice the problem too late, which puts the whole family at a great risk. Carbon monoxide detectors do help, but sometimes, they can also malfunction as well.

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If the gas leak is too small for you to be able to detect, you won’t be seeing any physical signs right away. However, if you begin to notice a rotten egg smell in the air, you may want to have the pipes checked just to be on the safe side. Sometimes, you’ll also notice your indoor plants begin wilting or you start to have breathing difficulties inside your home for no apparent reason.

To avoid any accidents from occurring at home, it’s best to have a professional detect any gas line leaks. They use special tools that will diagnose and fix the problem so you can sleep safe and sound at night, knowing someone is already taking care of it for you. It can be tempting to attempt to solve the problem yourself, but for safety reasons, it’s always best to hand it to someone who has decades of experience in the field.

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As a preventative measure, always make sure that you’re checking all the appliances at home that use natural gas to see if there are any leaks or anything that’s out of the ordinary which might need to be addressed. It can be your furnace, your stove, or your water heaters.

In the event that you notice any signs of gas leak at home, you must turn off the pilot light immediately and call on a team that can help you repair the problem right away. You should also keep your family in a safe place outside of the home to avoid any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Our team of expert plumbers in Auburn knows exactly what to do and how to handle any gas line issues for you. With over a decade of collective experience in the field, we can handle installations, replacements, and maintenance so any leaks or even new gas line installations are completely covered. We have both the tools and the knowledge to ensure we solve the problem and our solution holds and stays a long time.