No one ever wants to hear the words “emergency” and “plumbing” in the same sentence. Just the idea of water pipes bursting, drains overflowing, or sink fixtures breaking strikes fear into the best of us. Thankfully, you can do your research ahead of time and have Pristine Plumbing in your phone contacts. Nothing is more frustrating than searching the internet for a local plumber available for emergency help in the middle of your plumbing catastrophe! Pristine Plumbing is a family-owned, full-service plumbing provider with years of experience. We are licensed and capable of handling all your plumbing emergencies. Many times when you have a plumbing incident that needs professional help, a quick “fix” you can do is to turn off the water to the property, often at the street. Sometimes the leak may be localized to a sink or toilet and the knobs below the sink or behind the toilet can be turned off so there is no further water leakage while you await help.

Emergency Plumbing Burien

Emergency Plumber Burien

Our emergency plumbers will arrive at your Burien home or residence quickly and are equipped to handle a number of emergencies with our existing tools and equipment on the spot. At times we may need to get more supplies, like a water heater, etc. but in general we are equipped to handle your emergency plumbing situation here and now. We understand the duress you are under with a plumbing emergency and will work quickly while explaining the necessary course of action. We will fix your concern after giving you an estimate of the repair and will always clean up our workspace after completion.

Emergency Plumbing Services Burien

Plumbing emergencies rarely occur when it is convenient. We understand this, so we are a 24-hour plumber offering emergency plumbing services in Burien and surrounding areas. We can assess your plumbing repair or replacement required and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We can handle burst and broken water heater issues, sewer repair, toilet and sink repair, broken or frozen pipes, general leak detection and more. When you notice any unusual water leaks, do not wait to call us! The longer you leave plumbing emergencies, the worse and more costly they may become. We know you will be glad you called Pristine Plumbing and will trust us in the future for all your emergency plumbing needs.